Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy First Day of Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring has arrived.

We had a sample of warm weather to come last week so we cannot complain about the cool day we are having today...after all, the sun is shining, birds are singing and things are popping up all around. The daffy's are 2" high and I see the buds swelling already. The crocus are in bloom at mom's and apparently I missed mine in the side yard last week. They are all wilted now.
I will be taking it easy for a few days and working on a special little doll for a friend. I was very touched and honored when asked to create a doll because she wore the first one out . What a compliment that was. Of course I will make another! In a heartbeat. :-) I can't wait to fill it with lavender and inhale deeply while doing so.

A few days ago worked out a schedule for the crazy quilt beginner classes for the year. This will help me plan various others. Next week I will be meeting with a couple gals that will be planning and coordinating the 2011 CQ PINK house retreat. They are experienced and will make this first experience much more pleasant I'm sure. I will be getting info out to those interested by the end of April. If anyone else is interested in attending and want to be placed on a stand by list, please let me know. There may be two spaces available for 2011. You will be informed no later than the end of May 2010 when I get a definite head count. This retreat is one week long, not a weekend. It is the most affordable week long retreat ever offered. We will be creating a sea themed clutch, gathering mermaid tears to make the project personal and a memento of the first Pink House Retreat. Beach walks, wine, food, fun, stitching, chatting,field trips, slumber party, pillow fight????, etc. Way too much fun to be had but we're gonna do it! To learn more go here  and here .

I do hope you all are enjoying a perfect day to welcome Spring and take a few moments for yourself today and always!

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