Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gorgeous weather

Early yesterday morning I stood on the frosty back deck barefoot waiting for Angell to do her business, my feet sticking to the cold wood and aching pain darting up my leg. It was cold but I couldn't stop listening to the birdsong. The whole garden was filled with chatter....gossip...bragging about where they will take up residency??? Whatever the robins were chatting about, it was a beautiful sound. I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and hoped that this would be a sunny warm day. It was!!!!

I ran in to make a sensible breakfast, going back to my Weight Watcher meals,thinking eating is such a waste of time. Then I jumped on my exercise bike,
cleaned up a bit, put my hair back, went down to make an apple pie, and took off to Ellen's. The sun was so bright and warm that it made it hard to stay inside. We sat in the yard and watched her three Greyhounds enjoy themselves.

After playing around there for a few hours I came home and started cleaning up dead foliage from the Hostas around the back steps.Later that evening I started another project.

I found the perfect image, one of my favorites. The little girl listening to a shell.

This will be the backing fabric.

I will try to finish it this evening. I'm sure today will be another beauty and I need to play outside. Snow is in the forecast for Thursday evening  but as I had mentioned to Ellen, this should be a colorful Spring with all the rain and snow we have had. Can't complain about that.
I am off to my morning ritual....the bike,water bottle and hand weights....have a great day!


  1. georgeous piece Pat and the background fabric is just yummy!!! I love that image as well- where can I purchase that one , any clues?? Good girl to get ont he bike first thing and I am drinking lots of water right along wiht yuou!! We ahd a pair of bluebirds visiting yesterday scopping out the possibilities. I am going to put up another birdhouse today!! happy Spring!

  2. You are one dedicated and productive lady and I am inspired from how busy you stay. I think we have the same exerbike. The new CQ looks very interesting. Happy creating...

  3. That background fabric is just perfect AND gorgeous. It will be spectacular when finished.

    Hope the day is gorgeous again.

  4. Hi Pat! What a beautiful CQ! What kind of bike do you have? Looks a lot different than the kind they used to have. :) Marva

  5. We're thinking the same thoughts, Pat. I'm folding up my large cutting table in my sewing room and hubby is pulling my recumbent bicycle back into the room. I'll read while cycling. That's what I love about this makes it less boring if I have something to do, like read at the same time!

    Enjoy your day with your mom!


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