Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exercise bike and Happy St. Patty's day!

First I want to wish all you Irishmen (ladies) a Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Some inquired about the kind of exercise bike I have, so...... here it is. 
 DH bought this for me a couple years ago and it is my favorite from all  I've owned through the years. It is a Schwinn and the panel gives me all the info I need such as mileage, calories, heart rate,mph, etc. You can set the terrain and how hard you want to pedal. It has a fan and a place under the cushy seat for a water bottle.
Although I am usually watching TV when riding, I love the magazine/book holder feature.

 Both TV and reading allows me to ride much longer than I would otherwise. I get bored easily and need entertainment,LOL. What can I say?
DS just left for work and I must get busy. Wear green or chance getting pinched today!!!!


  1. Yours is the same brand as mine with just a few minor differences. I too like it the best. I should really use it more than I do. LOL I am not one for much exercise as I would rather bead, sew and blog! Happy creating...
    Happy St. Patrick's day.

  2. Love "Where Women Create"~ it is always fun to get a peek at creative spaces!
    Your blog is a treasure!
    Hope your day is wonderful~

  3. Hope you have a happy creating day.

  4. That's a very fancy bike. I shall have to look into that one. I fell down a flight of stairs several years back and broke my tail bone. Ever since I have had trouble with bike seats. Yours looks comfortable. Love that magazine too. Happy St. Patty's day! Sharon

  5. What an awesome bike!!! My DH would shoot me if I ask for yet another piece of exercize equipment! :) And speaking of wearing green, I'm part Irish and forgot and got a little pinch. Interestingly enough one of my daughters came home from school and told me if someone pinches you and you're Irish you can slap them...

  6. Hi Pat - I have been blogging about health as of late too. However, I am lucky to make it one time around my block. Approx. a mile but with hills!
    Oh, and I only dream about jumping into my jeans at this point, LOL.


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