Saturday, March 20, 2010

Can't take pictures without a camera!

The trip to LaPorte with mom on Thursday was a lot of fun as expected however guess who forgot the camera? I had it all charged and setting on the counter and walked off without it. Argh! I went to take a pic in the first Antique shop of mom standing by a carousel horse and realized it wasn't there. No big treasure finds which was fine with me...getting out doing nothing with mom was the treat.
These were my little vintage bits all tucked in a bag, and two small frames which will be painted cream for the hall shelf. I love the vintage sequins with those rippled edges. Now I own some and they are purple!!!

There really wasn't anything exciting to take photos of, I just wanted to capture more fun times with mom. We browsed a few shops then stopped at Indiana Deli for sandwiches to go because it was gorgeous out. We sat on a park bench and enjoyed sunshine, conversation, lunch and green tea. We took the country route home.

Returning home I got the mail and had quite a surprise. My sweet friend ,Lottie,in the UK made me a wonderful tote featuring a painting  by John Singer Sargent, "Carnation, Lily,Lily,Rose", of two girls lighting lanterns in the garden at night and she added my blog header above it.

How cool is that. I enjoyed her letter as much as the tote. It was so sweet and explained in detail the painting which I appreciated. The tote will hold my papers for my classes and retreat. It may also be my new book bag for Barnes & Noble and the library! Thank you Lottie, I love it and really enjoyed your letter too.

I finished the sea clutch except for the flap stitching but the picture was taken downstairs in bad lighting.I'll have to take more but until then................

The weather was nippy today which was fine because I am staying home this weekend to catch up on things. I hope everyone has a great weekend and does something creative.


  1. What a wonderful bag Lottie has made for you and personalized with your banner. She has generously given to you a generous soul.
    Your new clutch is beautiful. Happy creating...

  2. I was at Lottie's and saw this bag and I just love it, and yes all the info with it how delightful. She does beautiful work. Oh and the sweet frames you got are so nice and I know your about to make something special. You have a great wkend also. Pearl

  3. Pearl, Oh what a sweet clutch very darling.


  4. I am sorry Pat...only half awake here at 3:50Am...called you the wrong name.
    Isn't LaPort a nice little town. We used to live in Indy..and went up there a couple of times ..once for a wedding of a co-worker.


  5. What a wonderful outing you had with your mom. I can just picture you both sitting eating your sandwiches - what wonderful memories to store and return too on winter days. The first picnic of Spring?

    Love your vintage finds - you are clever at 'routing out' the good ones.

    It was only after I put me the message inside your bag 'take time to enjoy your day' that I realised it was a bit superfluous - as you always do make the most of every day - which is what I love about visiting you on the interent - your blog is such a joy, and lifts the soul.

    The rain has stopped, the sun is shining, so I am off to slap on the sun screen, cover up from head to toe, and am going up the allotment to plant some potatoes.

    Glad the bag arrived safely and so sweet of you blogging it - it wasn't expected - but was appreciated.

    Bless you

  6. The clutch bag is beautiful. Such a joy to see such beautiful work.


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