Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Turkey dinner and apple pie kinda day

The snow fell lightly but continually all through the night. Lotsa snow! It is amazing how fast it accumulates. While having a cup of morning "Joe" I decided it was going to be a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and apple pie day. I just cook a turkey breast because the guys don't care for dark meat so why cook the legs? The house is smelling wonderful as I just took the apple pie out and tossed in the turkey about 30 minutes ago.
Last night I whipped up a few more brooches.

I love the vintage look of this one....

 It is hard for me to limit giving. However the more I made, the more wonderful friends I thought of. Oh my! So blessed with special online friends. I decided I am going to make similar brooches with a general theme and continue mailing after Valentines day. I am just having too much fun with the whole creative thing. May as well continue right?
I mailed some Valentines this morning but the others need tags and I ran out of ink so......a trip to Staples and I can get the rest out tomorrow.

I  am glad I got a few mailed last week. I wasn't sure if a tea bag would alert customs but I included them in my out of state parcels anyway. Fingers crossed hoping they won't destroy the package. Please oh please don't let that happen.

If anyone wants a turkey dinner, come on over. I'm off to boil some eggs for deviled eggs! Create and smile!


  1. The brooches really are totally adorable, and you are so right, when you are on a roll, why stop?

  2. Turkey dinner sounds so wonderful! I really like your brooches. Oh, for a little more time to be creative!

  3. So beautiful! And I can only imagine how good your home smells right now! Enjoy your dinner.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Turkey dinner sounds wonderful.

  5. Beth Bricker6:29 PM CST

    Yummy to everything! Turkey and all the fixin's sound wonderful. Apple pie, more yum and the awesome valentines yum,yum they are beautiful

  6. Co-incidence Pat that our grocery down here in Florida advertised turkey breasts on sale this week and I thought I will buy one. Finally over the thanskgiving turkey.

    You have been a busy gal bu also sound very hapy with all you are doing. Enjoy yourself.



  7. You and your muse are doing a wonderful job on those beautiful brooches. Turkey with all the trimmings sounds yummy and perfect for a cold wintery day. Keep creating...

  8. They are all lovely, Pat. Little valentine treasures!

    Hope you had a delighful dinner with your family.

  9. How 'bout I bring the deviled eggs and a couple of pies. Sea witch

  10. Hi Pat! Your brooches are beautiful, but everything you do is sooo lovely. It snowed like crazy over here all day, and it's still snowing....I think we've gotten over 18" so far. It's so beautiful. Your dinner sounded yummy, and just perfect for a day like today! Hugs, Paulette

  11. Dear Pat...
    How refreshing to have a visit with you. I think I have PC burnout trying to keep up with the One World One Heart event....
    so ........decided to just have some fun and visit my favorite blogs...
    I LOVE your heart pins.... Looks like you have turned into a machine with all you have done...
    and your dinner sounds so delicious..
    I like the idea of the turkey breasts too.. Enjoy your dinner...
    We have had very little snow but it has been very cold... Suits me...
    meanwhile take care and happy creating...

  12. You just "whipped those up" last night? I think it would take me all night to make just one. They are gorgeous. And your diner sound delicious!

  13. Turkey!!! I'm coming--I love turkey! Now I'm hungry. Leslie

  14. It is an utter joy to visit your blog - it truly is - and you have no idea how much it lifts my spirits.

    I can smell that turkey - my mouth is watering at the thought of apple pie - and custard? or cream?

    Your work is absolutely stunning - I just can't stop looking at it - truly amazing. I really must kick start my mojo and get using all my lovely stash of material pictures, silk ribbons and lace.

    Snow here too - cold and grey - hey ho - that's what winter is all about and why I so love the four seasons.

    I cooked a huge cottage pie, that warmed the cockles of our hearts

  15. I am so loving your brooches and I'm on a jet plane right now to come and help eat that dinner! :) Have a fun day, Pearl

  16. Your brooches are just wonderful and I wish I was near enough to come eat with you. Just the thought of eating a turkey dinner with all the fixins and an apple pie for desert makes me hungry.

  17. Pat, your broaches are delightful....I'm with Norma, it would take me a whole night just to create one're very gifted!
    As for dinner....I started a diet this week and all I could have is 4oz of turkey and a hand full of veggies that's it so I wouldn't be a good house guest to have for dinner...but wait a minute I think I can smell that delicious apple pie coming in my window...yep that's it all right....ENJOY!


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