Thursday, February 18, 2010

Studio day!

Today I am going to finish (fingers crossed) piecing the CQ wall hanging I was commissioned to make by a dear woman in NY. It will be an enjoyable task using shades of pink,pale gold,and olive greens with a Victorian/rose theme.
Piecing a whole quilt is a bit trickier than piecing blocks and combining them however it is worth the extra time. I think it is easier on the eye. Crazy quilts already demand your attention with the fabric mix and embellishments so allowing the eye to float across a piece instead of being broken up into squares seems much more humane to the viewer,LOL. This is just my opinion, I know the majority of new CQ's are blocked together and they are hating! My mind just works in a different way...can't help it.

So, this is the WIP so far.....

I never like the piece until I start embellishing. I stress this to my students because it can be disheartening to look at a piece  and feel no love for it. Although all of the blocks made in class were beautiful and could be used as is, no embellishment needed. Strange!

....and the mess to prove I am working, or...playing in this case.

Yesterday I was at Joann fabrics and bought 1 1/2 yds of the heat resistant batting and Teflon fabric(silver). I layered them on the end of my work table, folded the ends under and secured it to the under edge of table to create a large ironing space. I have been using an ironing pad that has two Velcro pockets for scraps and every time I would sew the Velcro would catch my fabric or threads driving me insane. It is maddening to have such interruptions when working. Problem solved for less tan $20. I'm lovin' it!

I received another beautiful hand made card from my dear friend Jan in MI/AZ.
You can't see the beauty in the photo, so soft with metal accent pieces. Clever! The card is thick and has a pretty organza ribbon to hang.....which will do just that in my dining/tea room. Thank you Jan, you may turn me into a scrapper yet!
It has been such a treat to receive emails from my friends who have received their brooches. When I am finished piecing , I am going to get my address book in order.I have address torn from envelopes, jotted on index cards and torn papers, etc. To prevent further faux pas, I need to get them organized.
I want to update addresses so when I have a little giftie to send out I don't have to reveal it by asking for an address. If I don't have yours, or can't find it I may be emailing you. I have been making more surprise brooches like this...
......which can be given at any time  :-) Now to work on new presentation! Jan,Lottie, Lilla.. keep filling me with inspiration!

Well, it looks like my little girl gave up on getting any attention this morning.
 Sorry Angell...time for mom to work.
Speaking of which, I had better get back to the CQ. Enjoy your day!


  1. The colours of the fabrics in your CQ are gorgeous, my favourites for snuggly things.

  2. Everything looks so gorgeous! Love your work.

  3. Oh the wall hanging will be so lovely the colors are so the cards too
    ~~ have a wonderful day (:)

  4. My goodness that wall hanging is looking good. Love your teflon ironing pad - what a great idea -you can just roll it up and hide it when you are finished.

    I never stop drooling over your studio - so bright and beautiful - I would be content to just sit in it and daydream - and would never get anything done!

    The latest brooch is stunning and must take you hours to do - don't know how you can bare to give them away. I still treasure by birds nest - and wear it on special occassions - terrified of losing it

    Darling little Angel - always by your side, bless her little fluffy paws

    I don't know how on earth I can inspire you with my drivel - now Lila.................

  5. Poor little neglected doggie!!! Pat!! HOW could you?????? As if that were the case!!!! Love your ironing board/table idea!! i need to clear off my sewing table before I can even think about that!!! I can't wait to see how your large CQ piece progresses. As a wall quilt it is sure to make a wonderful statement!! Also love the brooches. Tatting has to be one of my very favorite trims!!! So simple and lacey!!
    Have fun with your projects!

  6. Great idea that ironing pad! Love those little brooches. You are right about the embellishing. It just ties everything together, and gives the pieces a "sparkle:. This is my year for beading and C.Q'ing!!
    Great work Pat

  7. How smart to set up the teflon fabric ironing pad. I love the WIP you have shown. The colors and fabrics are beautiful. Keep creating...

  8. Oh Pat!!! I was so surprised and excited to receive your SO SWEET Valentine and package of ephemera! What a wonderful gift! Thank you so much for this lovely envelope of treasures and, most of all, for thinking of me! You are a SWEETHEART! Hugs, Coralie

  9. Your CQ is fabulous! Do you sew the pieces down with the machine first and then go back and embroider? Your brooches are lovely too! Marva

  10. Gee, Pat, I want to be added to your list!!!??? Be sure you do not lose my address???? Hahahahaha. Your work is awesome. Marcy


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