Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Perfect way to spend a day of snowfall

Yesterday everything was melting and I thought today we would see a clear driveway by morning. Well, I was wrong. The forecast called for heavy snowfall in our area after noon and by golly....they were actually correct...for once! Since noon the snow has been falling heavy now and it is so beautiful. I have already taken care of my errands this morning and now I am tucked away in my studio about to continue work on the CQ. But first I must share a few things. I found this fairly large bird cage at the local thrift shop for $15. I thought it was a bargain and unique.

It was dark green so I gave it a quick spray of cream paint and put it in the living room. I am gathering bird themed items to carry through the house. The tag said the cage was handmade but I'm not sure about that. It could be????? Either way, I love it's character. An arrangement or nest will be placed inside eventually.Possibly a bedding of shredded and scrunched vintage music sheets?????

I love these little aqua color bottles which measure 4"x1" and have the words,"Sample bottle Dr. Kilmer's swamp-root kidney remedy--Binghamton,NY.
There are 14 of them  and they were filled with a tea colored liquid and no one at the antique shop knew what it could be. I put on gloves before digging out the old corks to empty and clean just in case it was toxic,LOL. It was gross but they cleaned up well and I found new corks for them at Hobby Lobby this morning. Beads or sequins might find a home in them. They would be fun to make altered art dolls with too. I need some frozen charlotte heads.

I stopped at the bath shop for my favorite hand soap and bought a candle for the studio. 

This one smells "perky" with a citrus scent to keep my muse awake and creating.....I like the name too!

Last night I worked on some little sea brooches for my artfire shop since I have been in the sea theme mode since working on mermaids with Jilly. 
 I made some of these years ago when I first discovered  Judith Montano. They measure1 1/2"x 2 1/2" with a bar pin back.
They are a nice little project to fiddle with while watching TV. I will add them sometime this afternoon. I just stuck my head out the door and the snow is accumulating very quickly. Time to hibernate with the needle and rosy color embellishments.............. Have a good one!


  1. Love the little bottles. Your ideas for pretty storage always so cute. Me, I'm a storage moron and not very successful at flea markets or thrift stores, so I'll just admire yours.
    The brooches are lovely.

  2. I've never seen a birdcage like that, it was a fabulous find a real bargain.

  3. Thanks Pat - I received my OWOH package and I love all the bits your greateful
    Lisa K

  4. Pat - oh you're so lucky to find a birdcage like that! It's awesome! And the bottles are fabulous! Love the little brooches, you're so creative! Wish you lived around the corner so we could go junque-ing together! :) Marva

  5. I have a fascination for those ornate bird cages for some reason. There is no way they would fit in with my decor, but I like them anyway.
    Seeing your little sea themed brooches reminded me of your Sea Pouches...remember? I have the one I made from your pattern hanging right beside me as I type.

  6. Love the birdcage, that was a great find and the little bottles are nice too. I remember Judith's mermaid things, I used to buy all her books.
    You stay warm and have fun!j
    Hugs, Pat

  7. Your old blue bottles are fabulous!!! I have several liket hem and thye make terrific snowmen as well. Your brooches are wonderful, the detail that you ahve achieved in such a small space is amazing!!! These will not last long!!
    Happy Snow to you- it missed us this time, thank goodness!!!!
    I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt and to start the hunt for the First crocus brave enought to peek it's little head out!!!

  8. Love those bottles-what a find. You have such vision when you see things, very talented vision. the brooches are beautiful. Leslie

  9. Just love the litte brooches. They are so beautiful.

    Embroidering underwater and reef scenes is one of my favourite things.The scope for creativity is endless.

    Yours are wonderful,


  10. I love both the birdcage and bottles. I got rid of a 2 story wicker cage a few years ago when I finally had to admit I had no room for it. Those bottles are adorable and I can see beads in them, yes!

  11. Oh my goodness, what beautiful, beautiful brooches, your work is always devine :)


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