Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lovely Valentine weekend...longish

I couldn't have had a more enjoyable weekend. It all started when DH came home early on Friday to see a movie. I was debating between two movies that I knew wouldn't be of much interest to DH so I decided we should see something he would enjoy. After all, I  can go see chick flicks with mom anytime. It's not all about me, even if I am making this MY year!!

We went to see Mel Gibson in "Edge of Darkness". I wasn't anticipating this movie even though I like Mel however it was great. I really enjoyed it. It had my attention from start to finish. I was very surprised I enjoyed it so much and glad I had DH choose the show. I don't care about  Mel's personal life and/or bad decisions he makes, the man can act, and very well. He is very believable and that is all that matters. So, 5 stars for Mel.

After the movie we had a bite at Chili's near the theater. I love their guilt free chicken sandwiches with honey mustard....yum-O! Then we stopped at the health food store because I was almost out of my Zum body lotion. Remember I bought that in Nov just before my detox? It has lasted that long and I use it every evening. I haven't had dry shins all Winter and I love the earthy scent as I crawl between the warm sheets and zone out for the day. If you try it, I recommend the Frankincense & Myrrh scent. Absolutely wonderful.

Saturday morning after breakfast we were sharing the big chair in the front room, DH watching TV and I was thumbing through the new Victorian Trading catalog. DH would glance over once in a while as I ooh and ahh'd over the interesting offerings. I told him this catalog was filled with things you don't need as much as you want, and he rolled his eyes(he's a man). I made a comment about a bathtub accessory that I have always wanted yet never bought. The tray thingy that goes across a tub that holds soap,cloth,etc. I have always loved seeing them on claw foot tubs however with our wide modern tub I knew it was useless to search for one and have it fit.

DH was headed out to the health club and I was off to the studio. Many hours later DH  came home and was busy as a bee. First upstairs, then down, then outside, then upstairs.....and so on. I was cutting new tags I purchased from Pam of ,"From The Craft room" ...

  and watching TV wondering why he doesn't join me. After about 20 minutes I finished my tags and took them up to the studio and went to the restroom. I could not believe my eyes. There , stretched across my big modern tub was a wonderful tub thingy filled with blissful things.DH placed my new issue of "Where Women Create" on the holder along with a card, a long stem pink rose, a glass of wine, and a candle. (Excuse the poor photoshop attempt)

 Being the middle of the day I waited till evening to enjoy my bubble bath. You know how I love my lavender scented bubble baths! Ladies, all I can say is, even after almost 30 years of marriage, they can still win your heart all over again. Simple things are always best in my book. This gesture means more to me than if he presented me with the HOPE diamond.I especially love the pink rose. I know giving a red rose suggests love, but I prefer Pink ones and he made this personal, not from what society dictates. This suggests happiness and contentment and being married to your best friend.

As if I hadn't been spoiled enough, the mail arrived with more delights. My dear friend Terri from CT made this adorable Valentine pillow filled with lavender.
 She always inserts this sweet card with her gifts. I love special touches.

 It is so sweet, I just love it. Ooops! There were a couple more chocolates but they vanished, or rolled off the table, or something???? OK! I ate them, it was Valentine's day after all. Cupid wants you to eat chocolate don't you know? Thank you Terri, I love it, and the sweet card which must go on display in the studio window.

My stitching friend and fellow NANI member Karol, sent me a sweet Valentine card too. Patchwork, too cute!

Tokens such as these are never forgotten. In this busy world, taking a few moments to send out a note or card really means a lot.

This next item was a shocker. The CQ retreat planned for Spring 2011 in the PINK HOUSE in MI inspired this hand painted button made by my friend Gerry .

It is an actual painting of the PINK HOUSE!!!! Squeal!!! I have to make something special related to the retreat for this special beauty . Gerry slipped in the beautiful teal button too. I am just over the moon. Thank you so much Gerry. This is an awesome treasure.

Sunday I visited mom for a bit and made her perogi's. I couldn't resist taking her a box of chocolates. Yes, I had one of those too. So sue me! I did make up for it on the bike, so no regrets or guilt.

Yesterday DH was off for Presidents day and we vegged out .I continued winding vintage laces on the beautiful Ribbon Keepers from Pam. She is a special lady and has gone beyond nice in accommodating my needs. I highly recommend her downloads.

Last night we wrapped up the long weekend by watching an old movie called,"Snake pit" as I gave DH a facial.
Yes indeed...it was a relaxing weekend.


  1. What a guy you ahve their PAt!! Certainly no less than you deserve!! It is so nice to see two wonderful people so happy with each other!! The Pink House Button is amazing !! I wonder how it would scan and then print out on paper- we could have some sort of specail badge for our get together. Just A though and this does not mean that YOU should do it- the gears are turning, that's all!!

    Does Pam have those ribbon keepers on her web site? they might be jsut the thing that I am looking for as I have aquired quite a collection of laces and ribbons!!
    Have a Happy week!!

  2. All I can say is....ahhhhhhhh (huge sigh of envy!).

  3. What a perfect weekend - you couldn't wish for anything better for the both of you.

    It leaves a lovely fuzzy warm feeling just reading about it!

  4. Awesome Pat that he even knew what book to get for you. Sounds like you two are a perfect pair. It is wonderful to be married to your best friend. I have one of those and would never trade him for the world.

    I just bought my first issue of Where Women Work last week and I thought of you and your studio. You should be in one of these issues. Also Gerry's button is awesome. To have that talent - sigh.



  5. Pat, I agree with Freda, your studio should be in Where Women Create! And your home should be in those lovely Romantic Decorating magazines!

    I've been wanting one of those bath trays for quite awhile too. But my husband bought me something just as nice. Will be blogging about it shortly.

    Hugs and thank you again for the lovely gift you sent to me!

  6. What a wonderful surprise by your husband. I hope you sat in tube-drank wine- and relaxed--something you need to do sometimes. Hugs Leslie

  7. A wonderful weekend is true. The most special was the time and thought that your loving husband took to do such a lovely tray with your favorite things. Now that is love (the gift of listening). Keep creating...

  8. Oh Pat what a sweety he is!!!! I so agree ~ it's those special things that take special thought that are so priceless!
    And the pink house pin ~ OH WOW ~ what a great idea!
    I am so happy you felt loved on Valentines Day!
    I can't tell you how much I treasure my pin and the special packaging you presented it in!!!
    Thank you so much dear friend ;)

  9. Awwwww, your hubby is so sweet! I got a pink rose for Valentine's day too! Love the tags! I may have to pay a visit to Pam! And a belated Happy Valentine's day! Marva oh and I love the pink house button!!!

  10. Pat, you sweetie you! In the mail today was an envelope stuffed with goodies from YOU! What a delightful surprise. And I know you made the pin. She's lovely!!! So tiny and dainty! Her little face - I'll wear it with pride!

    It sound like you had a wonderfully romantic Valentine's Day! Much deserved!

    Thank you for telling us about the etsy shop that sells the pretty tags for winding ribbons on. I'm going right over there to take a peek.

    A much-belated Happy Valentine's Day to you too, sweet lady!



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