Monday, February 01, 2010

I've been framed! Again!

Alright, I haven't actually been"framed" for any wrong doings, however I have found and painted more frames  for the family photo wall. Here are some waiting to be filled  with a special photo and hung.

 Odds and ends from the thrift shop,antique mall, dollar store, and a scrolled little cabinet found in my studio closet. Since I was painting, I treated myself to some very cool heavy iron work scroll-y things.
Reluctantly I had to run errands today because my car goes in the shop tomorrow for a tune up/oil change. make it a pleasant errand day I stopped at Hobby Lobby to browse and found so many treasures, all half off. I found a frame for my father's Navy graduation picture which will get a coat of paint,

.....and I found these wonderful iron things to work into the family photo wall. They are pretty heavy, and nice large pieces. The best part? None were over $4.50. Can you believe that? I still don't!

One of them were already painted "shabby".
I wandered into the seasonal area and found these adorable treat bag headers and lunch bags. Too cute!

The next thing I found raised my blood pressure. I was so excited to find the wall words at Hob Lob. I had planned on buying some from an etsy shop. I had to have this one and it was 1/2 price! You just rub it onto your wall and they are removable.

 As soon as things were unpacked and groceries put away, I went to work applying it to the stairway wall in the front hall. I have the scrolled wall paper to hide old plaster walls and imperfections and these words stuck wonderfully. I had no idea they could be used on rough surfaces. I love it! Run, go on, run to Hobby Lobby now!!! In case you find a treasure not on sale, use this coupon.....

Angell watched me the whole time.

Being in a creative mood again, I realized the vintage egg basket sitting on my back deck would be perfect to hold my old sheet music. I love the beautiful sheet music Becky gave me for my birthday last year and wanted to display it without framing it. The floral graphics match my dining room perfectly. Here it sits along side the Victrola with a few others and some hand made beautiful cards from friends. 
It wasn't so bad running errands after all!  I am off to whip up a salad and then grab a cup of oolong tea and a ton of magazines Jilly dropped off. A great way to spend "Ladies days" ;-)
Have a great evening and please enter my OWOH giveaway and leave a comment to possibly win one of three prizes!


  1. Take me with you next time you go shopping - how I would love to explore all those thrift shops and dollar stores and the others whose names are all new to me

    It sounds heavenly - and the bargains you fine.

    I thought you lived in the middle of nowhere - in your magical house, in the middle of a magical wood. It sure brings be back down to earth when I read of shops, taking your car to a garage etc. But keep blogging - it just so love being transported away from a snowy cold day to your special world.

  2. How much fun you must have on a day out running errands and shopping. You always find the best for the least money. I adore your stair wall "Bless This Nest". What a wonderful place to find art. I am having a cup of orange tea as I read your blog. Keep creating...

  3. Love the words you got for your wall! Darn I missed them while I was there today!! I did finally get my glass dome, they has smaller ones and I was thrilled to get one. Thanks for the inspirations!

  4. Really wish we had a Hobby Lobby here! I would be in a race with you for those iron-look pieces for sure. If we ever get around to redoing our bedroom (only had the paint for 3 months...any counting!) I have some wall art words to go on too.

  5. After reading about your successful shopping, I had better take more in to really look. Usually I'm just in and out in as few minutes as possible.
    I am missing the Goodies ! ! !

  6. Your "Bless this Nest" is gorgeous, it's perfect there!!! And I loved all the iron works too. You hit the jackpot with them. Enjoy the mags and have a great evening.
    Hugs, Pat

  7. Pat I love the Bless This Nest saying where you put it. Your place is really looking great.

    It also sounds like you are having a lot of fun these days. All work and no play is not as much fun.



  8. Awesome stairway Pat!! How gorgeous and soft looking your did a great job with all your painting and decorating. How old is your home? Angel is a little sweetie just sitting there helping Mommy out. I love your "Perfect Day" music sheet I just found one this wkend at a Antique/collectable store in a different color. I really enjoy your blog, keep on blogging honey!!!

  9. Your imagination just baffles me-your creativity is amazing. I NEED some of it. I need to go junking with you this spring and steal some of those ideas. Leslie

  10. Just wanted to let you know the gorgeous ribbon arrived safe and coveted!
    Love it.

  11. Oh what fun. I would love to dash out to Hobby Lobby but the nearest one is over 100 miles away.

  12. Pat, what fun treasures! Don't you just love Hobby Lobby when there's a sale! Yummy!

    Have a happy weekend!


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