Sunday, February 21, 2010

Girl time

Friday mom came over and we went to see Leo DiCaprio in "Shutter Island". Let me say that Leo was excellent. He played his character very well, it was the story that we were unhappy with. I must give it a big thumbs down.
Not only were the best scenes of the movie shown in the commercial, but it was so drawn out that we both yawned continuously.Several people left halfway through but we stuck it out and then went for pizza and shopping where I found the new magazine, "Flea market style". 
You can visit the site here.

 Last night I curled up with a refreshing glass of chilled cranberry juice and thumbed through each page dreaming of warmer weather when I can hit tag sales and flea markets myself. I was pleased to see Shipshewana flea market listed. It is a fun place to browse and the town is filled with neat shops to visit.

The new issues of Victoria 
and Romantic Homes  magazine found their way home with me as well. It was so nice relaxing in my comfy chair with favorite mags around me.

I didn't get to start embellishing the CQ yet but I want to thank you for the encouraging comments. It will be around 46"x50" with border. I haven't really decided that far ahead. I am just going to see where it leads me.  I will start stitching tomorrow because today I am headed to Jilly's to make our mermaids. We have planned this for several months so both of us can't wait to get started. I have gathered my goodies and hope to get a lot accomplished. Speaking of mermaids, look what I found while browsing. Another fun time waster!
Have a great day!


  1. That looked like a good movie only creepy so had already decided I wouldn't see it.

  2. Oh Pat, I picked up those magazines today too! I'm looking forward to sitting in my bubble-filled bathtub with some iced tea and my new magazines.

    Sorry the movie wasn't good but I'm sure you enjoyed your time with your mom.

    We've been to Shipshawana and oh, I love it there! Wish we lived closer.

  3. Flea Market Style looks quite interesting. Sounds like you had a nice day with your mom. Can't wait to see your mermaid. I have been thinking of making one. Keep creating...

  4. Shame about the movie - but you were in good company and the pizza made up for it

    I like the sound of the mermaids - can't wait to see them

  5. Oh awesome!!! I was just checking for the new issue the other day! I need to get a subscription, I love this magazine!!!


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