Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Enjoying the day

I have so much fun with Pam's digital ribbon keepers and wanted to share how I "stored" them.Along my shelf above my beads I strung a plain old length of twine which I clipped the wound laces to. They will be ready to pluck off the clip when needed for a project and the ribbon winder cards are so pretty with the vintage laces. Pam sells these in her etsy shop. You can wind threads, ribbons, laces, yarn, etc and store neatly.
I was putting away the latest fabric purchase from Joann's and decided to gather a kit for my etsy shop. Since purple (Amethyst) is Feb's birthstone I think it is an appropriate offering. I included 9 purple accented ciggies of women, girls, flowers,to create with several options.
My new fabrics are brocades which I love.

I don't care to use many prints in my work because they lose the embellishments. I enjoy adding my own work to plain yet beautiful fabrics. When I do use prints I like them to "read" solid.
While at Joann's I found this cute bird rack. It is about 12" long with three hooks and the little basket in the center will eventually hold three eggs....but you knew that right? I'm leaving it with the green wash because it looks old and used.
Time to get back to work. Have a great evening!


  1. You are so incredibly organised, wow! The lace winders really are every so pretty.

  2. Pat, those ribbon and thread keepers are so pretty. I've been making keepers for my thread for years, but mine were just the old ugly ones like the companies make. These are gorgeous. Love your new fabrics. I'm starting on a new CQ piece for some machine drawers. Getting ready to embelish. Hope you have a great day.
    Hugs, Pat

  3. Lovely~ I'm no where NEAR that organized but I TRY!

    Beautiful my friend. Beautiful!


  4. Just adorable, so feminine - what a wonderful way to display them

    Your workshop is a work of art in itself -I never ever tire of visiting your blog - it is pure joy to me - and I can look back at all your previous posts too - its like having an online book.


  5. I love how you have displayed your laces and they add so much to your creative spirit when you can see what you have to utilize in your beautiful projects. Keep creating...

  6. The laces look beautiful. I am off to her Etsy shop as I enjoy organizing as much as I enjoy creating, maybe more! :-)

    What a wonderful Valentine's Day you had! Great hubby!

  7. Getting organized, what a great feeling and such a boost to our creative soul.
    Love those little lace boards, so sweet.
    Thanks for popping by my purple bedroom show.
    Warm Wednesday Blessings ;-)

  8. I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas and showing us your love of the Victorian era. Beautiful!

  9. Oh how fun! I haven't been to JoAnn's in ages! I need to go!

  10. What a lovely blog ... Je suis charmée par toute cette douceur ...à tout bientôt et belle soirée.

  11. Everytime Diane mentions a blog...I almost break my neck getting over to it... to see who else she recommends...and once again...what a treat.
    I can see it will take TIME to absorb all of this.
    Delightful images..and idea's here.

    I have also joined your blog...if you have time, please come over and take a peek at mine.

    Rose ( VictorianRose )


  12. Hi Pat stop by my blog I have something for you.

  13. Hi Pat, I just linked to your site through Diane's post and I just became a follower. I'm enjoying having a look around your lovely site although, I'm suppose to be working this morning. It's still early, right?

  14. OMG Pat
    You have been so busy LOL
    I just love what you have done with your keepers they look fantastic!
    Amethyst is my favorite stone my Birthday being on 15th
    So I particularly like this post,

    See you again soon
    Pam x


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