Monday, February 22, 2010

Challenge between muses!

Yesterday at Jilly's we made our gathered fabric for the mermaid dolls using "Texture magic".
Jilly creating hers.............
and me creating mine. I sewed mine from the back and Jilly sewed from the front. No difference that I could see. We wanted to try a new product, and I found it to be a lot of work for not a lot of "POW". If I used it again I would not mark it as instructed but I would free form stitch instead. I'm not one to spend a lot of time at the machine as you know. :-)

Jilly's was much more beautiful because she layered a sheer over Batik. (I may redo  mine..shhhh) I used velvet because I was following what the sample artist used in the "Cloth Doll Artistry" book.. page 40.

 We gathered some of our supplies and set the guidelines for our mermaid challenge.

Jillys gatherings...
....and my gatherings....

Our deadline is May day (May 1st). I will post my progress from time to time. We plan on setting up play dates to work together when possible. This should be a fun challenge since we both love mermaids and embellishing.
When we left Jilly's studio we found her "babies" slumbering in the cozy  living room. This is Avery...
Above picture one is cleaning up her sister before the photo shoot!
......and one was hiding.

Avery is the only name I remember since she is the" greeter" although they are all very sweet and polite. :-)

Last night very large snowflakes fell and we awoke to a Winter wonderland again. I love to see everything in the forest frosted with snow, especially evergreens.

What I don't like is wondering what my poor little girl is thinking as I send her out to potty :-(

I am off to embellish a few seams. I hope you enjoy your day no matter what the weather may be.


  1. Glad you had such a lovely day - and boy does it look cold where you are.

    We have had snow all day today - it has just stopped and is sleeting.

    Love the photos.

    I am watching out for the postie too 'big grins'

  2. It is so much fun to share a creative day with a friend. Inspiration just bounces back and forth. Your mermaids will be amazing just by the stash you have laid out. I don't blame Angell for giving you that look! Keep creating...

  3. Oh Pat beautiful as always, I stopped by to thank you for the gift in the mail!! I was like a kid getting my first piece of mail when I saw it was from you.I gathered my husband and son and when I opened it I cried with gratefulness. To owen one of your pieces is such a thrill for me, thank you, thank you sweet lady. I posted it on my blog for all to see. And I put it on this morning to go out and show it off so I'm on my way to do just that! :) Love to you dear lady, Pearl

  4. Pat, you and Jilly are lucky to have that creative support system. It's rare for me, so I have become very lazy. That's why I've re-joined TAST 2 with Sharon B. I found it great for inspiration last time. Angel does look put out doesn't she, and rightly so !! My puss hates wet grass, so a litter tray in the laundry is our solution. Will dog's use them?

  5. Pat, I'd have been tempted to hang out with the pets all day! They're adorable!

    I have heard about that texture-creating product and saw pictures of it in a magazine. I hope you'll show a close-up of how it worked.

    No real snow here. We seem to always be in the clear spot. It either falls west or east or north of us.


  6. PS: I forgot to tell you that I bought the lace winders download from Pam. I love them! Thank you for telling us about them and her shop!
    Hugs! Diane

  7. Oh how cool! Can't wait to see your mermaid dolls!


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