Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunny day!

It is so sunny and mild outside that I had to take a little walk. The roads are still a bit wet from melting snow so I made it a short one to keep from getting splashed by traffic. With the sun shining so brightly I thought it would be a great time to take some pics. This picture is the kitchen cabinets with newly added lace behind the glass.I like it much better than everything exposed. Too busy looking. It is an easy switch over if I change my mind later.

Then I took a picture of the Hoosier I love so much.

Then a picture from the kitchen into the dining room.

You can see why I prefer the creamy dining room trim over the stark white kitchen. I will blend the rooms together with faux wood flooring one day.
The checker kitchen floor and the check in the carpet just irks me. For now, it will remain because I am a bit burnt out on decorating or making any important decisions.

This is the new runner for the stairway. The other one was hideous.
This view is from the hall through the bedroom and into the bath.

This last pic is the family photo wall I am working on. I am still looking for frames to paint because there are many more pics to be added to the wall.

That's it for today. I have to clean out the cabinet by my computer desk and toss some papers to make room for new, then back to stitching!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful. Love everything.

  2. Pat - you really need to submit these photos to Somerset magazine!!

  3. Oh the kitchen is just wonderful! I absolutely love the checkered floor. What exactly did you do in the kitchen? New cabinets, floor and appliances?

  4. Thanks Beth. Nothing new in the kitchen except for the lace added behind glass doors. They were open but I wanted to minimize clutter so I thought lace would work.
    All I want to change in the kitchen is the flooring to wood to blend with the carpet.

  5. Your home is just so beautiful. You really have that romantic decorating done perfectly. It is said that our homes are never finished. We just keep on changing things. Your home should absolutely be in a magazine!

  6. Your house looks so nice and light!! Hope to see it in person soon--Hugs Leslie

  7. Your home is must have been fun decorating. It's so light and cheery.

  8. Your house is so yummy! I get so inspired by it all!

  9. Pat you have done a grat job. It just seems to flow. You are probably tired of it but I love the black and white floor with the white cabinets.



  10. I agree! You should definitely submit your photos! I actually like the black and white floor in the kitchen, it's tre shabby chic!!! Your house is so neat and tidy! When can I move in? LOL! I do love your house though, it's wonderful!!!

  11. Pat I love the lace on the doors!!! Not to much AT ALL!!!I had to supersize the pic's ~ they were so peaceful to look at!
    I have the decorating bug BAD but so far have done no damage ~ LOL!

  12. Wow, Hi Pat. This is such an inspiring post! So inspiring in fact, I just may clean my house & studio :). I chuckle at this but I married a man that loves modern stuff & loves black furniture. How did this happen...I have such a girly, lacy, shabby chic, white beach cottage soul.


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