Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stupendous Saturday Antiquing!

Yesterday I spent with my friend Dawn in South Bend antiquing. I have been wanting to return to the booth that overwhelmed me a few months ago with my friend Jilly. Lace, lace, frou fou, and more lace. A woman's kind of booth.I wasn't sure where it was but had an idea and remarkably we drove straight to it. I asked permission to photograph the booth because I didn't want them to think I was stealing ideas to decorate or anything.

When we walked in the booth, which was the first on our list of course, we were greeted with this.........

 Wouldn't Matilda look great in that lace dress?
We turned around and took advantage of the huge mirror and photo opportunity documenting our venture.

 Then a few more pics..........

Uh oh, something caught Dawn's eye.........

 Then we headed to the corner , threw down our purses and sat on the floor digging through hat boxes, trays, and bins. We wallowed in the floor for an hour or so then Dawn spotted some fancy tea hats. These would be great for the derby too! (Karen). Miss Fancy pants serving delectable crumpets...........

(Yes, we dug through the pile of linens packed on the shelves behind Dawn.)
Goofing around in our hats.

 After we inspected and fondled just about everything in the booth we gathered our finds and continued on. We didn't realize we had spent 2 1/2 hours in that antique mall. I love to explore antique shops when there is no time limit.
What did I find there? Well, all but a length of sheer delicate lace was found in the first booth. Natrurally I found an assortment of laces and.......

 a vintage crazy quilt pillow case in excellent condition.(it looks newly made because it was well preserved)Only a few worn spots and gorgeous lace finished the edge of this beauty.

After antiquing we headed to Erica's for a browse.
I found some beads and these DMC metallic threads.

 Love how they are carded on the clear thingy. I also found some gifts for my seret sister in NANI. (can't share pics in case she reads my blog)
We found a thrift store near Erica's and spent some time browsing. I found a couple neat frames for my family photo wall (in progress).

Somehow our day  flew by too quickly and shops were closing so we headed to get a bite to eat. We found a Chinese buffet and rested our bones for a bit. Too bad everything wasn't open 24 hours right?
What a fun day of treasure hunting,goofing off, laughing and making memories with a sweet friend.

I have to share this cute bottle cozy Dawn made for me. She knows I never am far from a bottle of water. Thanks Dawn, I am using it right now!

 Friday I finished a few more Valentine brooches.

Now it is time to work on the wall hanging and do a few things around here.
Have a great long weekend(for some) .


  1. what a fun day.. Loved it..
    The time does fly when you having fun eh?
    Love the brooches too. great idea!

  2. How lovely your entire day must have been...time with a friend, treasure hunting to find goodies, food, fun and laughter. Even your words sound cheery. I love your tiny Valentine heart brooches.

  3. I love antiquing-haven't been for awhile. Now I'm in the mood again. Just what I need,more stuff. I've been trying to organize my stuff-its really sad I'm so "right"brained-I think I'm making a bigger mess. Send me some of your "organizational" vibes!! Hugs Leslie

  4. Oh I am soooo jealous!!! I can't believe we lived in Indiana for 4 years and I never went antiquing! Of course I had twin babies and a 3 year old, but still! I love the brooches you're making! They're wonderful! Marva

  5. These are so breathtaking! I tryed commenting on them the other day and couldn't find my blogger password ~ hehe.I so enjoyed looking at all the wonderful gives me those special butterflys in my tummy that you get when you don't think you can go another day without stepping into one of those shops;)


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