Sunday, January 03, 2010

Stealing a few blogging moments while others sleep in :-)

Thanks for all the wonderful uplifting comments on the home redo. After all the painting and storing of my things, I found it hard to piece it back together. Everything took on a new life. A great reason why we need to dump all the drawers in the house and start tossing. I stopped counting the bags of clothing and stuff I discarded. Goodwill is well stocked now! I feel it was the perfect time to rid my home of unwanted items and start fresh. I just never imagined I was hoarding so much. Yikes. Can you tell I am not one to accept change well? Familiar things comfort me and could be why the huge carpet change upset my world. It was stressful to imagine everything would be different in a few days and I couldn't turn back. Does anyone else feel like that?

As I had mentioned in the last post, the carpet was not what I would have chosen. DH headed straight for that one and said that is what he liked. I was surprised he wanted a design, but I really wanted him to be part of the redo and since it was cream and "sandy", which is what I wanted, I let it go. When he came home he couldn't believe it had a square pattern and wasn't too pleased with it. He actually did not see the design in the sample. I did but didn't think about a huge area of it and how it would repeat. When I first saw it on the dining room floor I thought "bachelor pad",LOL. We knew we wanted berber for sure, and a light sandy color was a must, but I could live without a pattern. When the guy said it will last forever with the padding we chose, I smiled, as my heart cried out, "NO!!!!!!".
Honestly it isn't that bad, just a surprise I hadn't planned on when decorating in my mind all these months. There are good sides,#1~ the dark green is gone downstairs, the dark wine is gone upstairs which lightens the space tremendously and the rooms flow together now.
#2~ it is the Stainmaster with the padding that holds spills like a cup instead of soaking in.
#3~ the floors are clean and fresh for the new year.
#4~ I can change wall and furniture colors easily since everything goes with the neutral color.
#5~It will always look new,forever, like the man said :-)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Actually, I am liking it more after adding the furniture and decorating the walls.One of you had mentioned it looked like a cozy quilt pattern, which eased my mind, thanks.Its funny how I can embellish fabric to death but don't use a lot of fabric with prints. Anyone want to practice their psychology on me?Does that mean I am a control freak?

I had planned for the living room to be on the shabby chic side but the guys snubbed the slipcover idea, and since DH got a new TV and this will be HIS room, I decided to step back and make it comfortable for them. I may slip in one chair cover and hope they won't notice :-) I hung a few Victorian pictures for now but will hunt for something more masculine to replace them. DH would love his boar or deer head making the walls but those went straight to the barn upon move in day 20 years ago. They were a great addition to the Halloween parties we held each year. That room will be an ongoing project.

Angell sat in the kitchen with me for two days while the carpet was being installed. She looks innocent doesn't she? Every time one of the men came in to ask a question she barked her head off. She was not a happy girl.

You can get a better idea of the carpet pattern in this pic. I will take more today.

 DH's office is through the door which was a "borning" room 130 years ago. Apparently it was used to deliver babies which was located right off the kitchen with a large wood burning stove.The East wall offers deep built in drawers and doors for linens and such which makes for perfect office storage space.
The new carpet matches the office walls perfectly however I just had to have the green walls in the dining room and hall. Every time I would see this color in a magazine I yearned to one day paint my walls green.

The trim in the doors were made by my father as a housewarming gift 20 years ago. He made the gingerbread for the porch and eves of the house too. I guess he figured I would live here forever, which I plan to do. Sprinkle me in the garden!

I've been quite lucky through the years to be the recipient of some wonderful furniture items. Castoffs from family, friends, and strangers that found their way into my humble home and became well loved treasures.
The lowboy was another item that was given to me by an upholsterer in Chicago years ago, where I found the Capodimonte lamp found in the alley which sits on top. This once dark piece sat at the end of the hall upstairs filled with Christmas items for 18 years.

 I painted it and now have tons of storage for lace tablecloths and special dishes and such.The legs were missing so DH is buying some replacement feet to raise the piece to the level here.He placed a temporary board underneath to find the correct height I wanted. I love the scrolled detail of this piece and knew by painting it, the detail would be more visible. Again, painting wood isn't something DH is fond of, but this was a freebie that he could care less about, so on went three coats of cream paint. I will be arranging items on the top until I find the right selection.
Hobby Lobby has a large variety of the glass domes and pedestal items. They are almost always 1/2 off too!

 I did arrange a little sitting area at the end of the hall upstairs.(photo soon) My comfy chair was too large for the area but the wing chair was perfect. I hung my little chandelier and filled my bookcase with my magazines and favorite books. My jars of mermaids tears found a home on top of the bookcase. Yes! Now I can snuggle in my chair, feel the sunshine pouring through the window and watch the snow fall gently down as I read and glance at my sea glass collection and dream of walks along the shore with mom until Spring arrives. I hear rustling upstairs, time to whip together breakfast. I think it is a morning for French toast! Have a great day everyone.


  1. Pat,
    Your redecorating is turning out so beautiful!! Love the colors you picked. The carpet looks wonderful with the furniture/paint etc. You will be so happy with it when you have everything the way you want it!!

  2. Oh Pat your home is so lovely. I could very much live here however my DH would so not like all the fou-fou. Your free cream painted scrolled lowboy is gorgeous. You definitely have a flair for decorating. Thank you so much for sharing your home and passions with us.

  3. Hi Pat,
    Your redocation looks fantastic.
    I had same carpet story a few years ago. When a carpet came with patterns I was losing my mind, I felt so unhappy. It was my choice but the sample was too small to show all those patterns!!! But, afterwords, all furnitures found their places and I fixed other accessories I liked the outcome. If I decide to renew our carpets, I order same kind once again.
    Enjoy your new looking home:)
    Happy New Year with better things to come!

  4. Well, your redecorating project is turning out beautifully, Pat. And if it makes you feel any better, a patterned carpet is actually MORE in keeping with the age of your home. Granted, the pattern would likely have been a floral, but most historic homes are interpreted in styles consistent with a 10-30 year span (depending). So the squares could be considered Eastlake-ish or Craftsman in style (or even William Morris ?!?). See? Just twist your thinking a bit, LOL! Hugs, Cathy

  5. Hi Pat

    Your place is really looking lovely. I too like the color of the living room. I have been thinking of it for florida when we re-paint. Looks great with the white. I agree that when it is all finished you won't even be thinking of the squares. They were just unexpected and that is what threw you.

    Don't wear yourself out too much. We need you sewing and writing on your blog.



  6. honestly I think that carpet is GORGEOUS and I loved it with your home decor

    It's beautiful - your home is so pretty

    this new design works in perfectly


    cross my heart !

    I thought you were so clever to pick a pattern adn that it worked that way

    So I never would have known it was a husband thing!

    now , lets get down to business

    When Can I Move In ????

  7. Your lowboy is ffabulous!! Love the paint job!! What is it about men and painted furniture!!! your wals are wonderful and I am determined to do some painting with that color as well!!
    Good job clearing out and decluttering- I have been doing that as well- hard to do but feels so much lighter once you are done!!!!

  8. Oh Pat, this is sooooo beautiful!! I want to paint everything cream too, but my hubby is the same way, must be a guy thing. I absolutely love all your redecorating pics! I'm so jealous! :D Marva


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