Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sat morning ramblings

Another sunny morning! DH isn't feeling well so he is having chick soup in bed for breakfast (his request). I am sitting in the bright dining room getting ready to add the final ribbons and stuff to the etsy and artfire shops so I can get them put away or mailed off.  The response to the last batch was amazing. It felt good to know there was a need for ribbons and images. I try to keep the prices as low as I can because we all need a reasonable source for supplies so we can splurge a little for special items elsewhere.

I wanted to share the pic of the 50 cent shades I found yesterday at the church resale shop. There are 4, but I only needed 3. I will find a use for the other I'm sure.
I can see glass beaded fringe dripping from them, can't you? Soon!

I'm going to surprise mom with a manicure and facial this afternoon. She had mentioned her pinky nail was split when she grabbed for something in the fridge...ouch! She grows the nicest nails, something I can't seem to do anymore...unless pregnant, and that ain't gonna happen :-0!!!

So, after I load of the shop goods, 


I am off to gallivant around then to moms, then home to possibly finish the CQ project. I need a haircut too, but that will have to wait.
Have a great day, create, relax, smile!


  1. Beautiful light fixture. The shades are perfect..

  2. The shades are lovely but I continue to drool over your ribbons. You dye them to perfection. Sea witch

  3. Love the shades-you seem to find the right things when you need them. Nice job--Leslie

  4. You find the best deals. I do hope DH feels better after his chicken soup in bed. Keep creating...

  5. Did you sell the aqua ribbon with girl w/aqua headband pictured in your post? Can't find it in either shop. I want it!

  6. I always love your sets.. The ribbons were indeed so beautiful and I look forward to using them.
    The gift card was great also.


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