Sunday, January 24, 2010


I listed most of the ribbons in my etsy and artfire shops. The rest can wait until later. I am tired and need to sit for a spell with DH.

That is all the ribbons I will have for a while. I won't be dying soon, so what you see is what you get :-) A few collections were hard to part with. I dye each 2 yard length of ribbon at a time using various techniques to get neat effects for natural looking flowers. Sometimes I get a ribbon that doesn't want to leave home, unfortunately all of them cannot stay with me :-(.
I grouped most ribbons in collections of same color family because when you are working on a project you don't want all the same hue of a color. Iris,lilac,grapes,hydrangea,ppansy etc all should have their own hue in a piece, as well as a variety of greens. Ok, I'm outta here for now. Later!


  1. You have earned a rest after listing all your items on etsy and artfire. It is a lot of work. Do you experience sales to make it worthwhile? Keep creating...

  2. Thank you for the lovely ribbons and ciggies. Just got some from your artfire shop. My first time shopping there.


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