Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh what fun to be stitching again!

It may not be much, but it sure feels great to be stitching instead of painting. Yesterday I took my little box of gatherings and sat on the couch with TV on stitching away on little Valentine brooches for some friends who I have been neglecting for far too long. I figure if I start now I can send out several of these little surprises.
This red one reminds me of the little cards we exchanged in elementary school. Those "Campbell soup" type images of girls and boys.

These brooches are a little bigger than a quarter. I reduced the heart images from a clip art CD before printing them on cotton poplin. Then added a little silk ribbon embroidery, petite beads,tiny sequins and vintage lace.

I wish the words were more prominent but?

These are fun to make and I will be making them throughout the day while stitching some o a commission CQ.

The family photo wall is almost complete. I really love the cream painted frames. At first it was hard for me to paint some of the expensive frames but I just couldn't have gotten the look I wanted otherwise.

Whew! I bought some small cafe rods and DH installed them in the glass front kitchen cabinet doors. I gathered lace panels behind the glass for a change. It makes the kitchen look cozier. I will get a pic sometime today. I am almost finished with the decorating. Small touches here and there. Each morning I am still surprised at how bright the house is and how warm it feels. I feel like I quit a job or something, very freeing to have the entire house clean and uncluttered.
I am off to play, have a great day and try to create if possible!


  1. Dear Pat,

    These brooches are just lovely. Hope you have a good day stiching and creating.


  2. Very cute idea is your brooches! Way to go lady!!! I am back doing some crazy quilting also... feels so good to have needle in hands!!! hugs

  3. I can just read the joy of your stitching in your words. These Valentine brooches are precious. How tiny and detailed your work must be to fit a quarter. Very beautiful. Wonderful to be getting your decorating completed.

  4. Your brooches are so lovely. The colors and details are wonderful.

  5. Beautiful! I marvel at your delicate little touches.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Pat! I love them!

  7. Your Valentine pins are the bomb!! Love what you did with them and they are so tiny!! Can't wait to see new pics of the house!

  8. I'll bet it feels good to be stitching again....they are lovely Pat....the purple and the light blue one are my fave...they will make wonderful gifts!

  9. Lovely -- what wonderful, thoughtful gifts.

  10. What beautiful brooches! Looking forward to more decorating pics. Everything has been lovely.

  11. Oh, these are so pretty!
    I love the second one.

  12. I am sure that your home is even more magical than before- I am very impressed with how you just kept on forging ahead with it all! I am having a hard time getting motivated to just paint some small bathrooms!!!!! Your heart brooches are delightful- love the purple and green one- no surprise there!!! Great to hear that you are finding your stitching groove again!!!!!
    We have missed our CQ Queen!!

  13. Oh my goodness these are just divine. You are so talented.

    My 'follow' link doesn't seem to have picked up your posts lately - I was getting withdrawal symptoms.

    You sound like you have been extremely busy, and its wonderful to have it all bright and fresh and new.

    I am sitting in my lounge typing this, it is 10.45am and as dark as an Autumn evening. The rain is pouring down and I can hear it running like a river on the glass roof of the conservatory and along the guttering into the pipes- it's playing a merry tune like a bubbling brook!

    Although the weather is grim and the day is dark - we needed it so badly to wash away all the ice and snow which we have had since 19th December.

    Lovely to catch up with you and thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures - looking forward to seeing those of your home when it's all finished. You must feel very tired - but oh so proud of your achievement.

  14. Oh these are wonderful! Love the second one, my favorite colors! Purple and spring green!


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