Friday, January 08, 2010

Oh bring back my sunshine to me.........................

Who took my sun away? It was beautiful this morning and now......

Well, it is still beautiful out but if this keeps up I must cancel my trip to South Bend this weekend :-(
I had plans for antiquing!!!! The weather forecast said expect a blast of freezing temps after the blast of snow. Great!

Only memories....

This was taken fresh and hot from the oven one piece left waiting for DH when he gets home from work. DS had some after breakfast????? Men! I bet they didn't even notice there were cut outs of gingerbread women,LOL.

Later today I will start hanging the family photos while the last group of frames finish drying.

Somehow  earlier I got sidetracked playing facebook games.Time to get back to stitching..........facebook stop calling me!!!!!


  1. Love the gingerbread women on your pie crust. That sure does look tasty. YOur winter photos are lovely too, espcially the tree. Stay warm. Sea Witch

  2. Wish I could send you some sunshine! You pie is so cute with gingerbread women on it!! No guys don't notice sorry!Stay in and stay safe this weekend!

  3. You're getting that lake effect snow from Lake Michigan! Ours here in PA has dissipated and we'd like MORE! If it isn't going to be sunshiny, having just gray skies that do nothing seems such a waste! At least a dusting to make everything clean and sparkly would be nice!
    Good stitching weather! But I know what you mean about not wanting to drive in it - I've put off a craft store trip too, Pat! *sigh*

    Keep warm!

  4. Hi Pat, it's supposed to be sunny here all day today. Since we live across the lake from each other, perhaps you'll have some sun tomorrow.

    Yes, I too need to stay away from facebook! I'm not into games but I do find myself over there quite a bit!


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