Sunday, January 10, 2010

Now your'e talking!

Today has been a beautiful sunny Winter's day.

 The sun has been shining all day and I spent the morning helping a friend and am getting ready to head to mom's for some shopping and to do her hair. DH is at the gym then he is going to visit his mom's for a bit.

I took a few pics of the lamp shades I covered and trimmed out in vintage lace for the living room.
This table isn't finished being decorated but an example of my frugal decorating, the  cherub based table lamp was found at the Junk shop years ago for $2.00 and it worked!

I just painted it all cream and added the store bought beige shade which I trimmed out in vintage lace a few nights ago.
This vintage floor lamp was given to me by a friend who was moving about 10 or more years ago.

 Again, I dressed it up by painting a couple coats of cream paint and covered a lamp shade mom gave me from an old pagoda 50"s lamp with a beautiful tufted beige silk Dupioni fabric and trimmed the edges with vintage lace. I used four vintage lace appliques to add something extra to the corners. It looks better in person.
 Not your usual, but they work for me. Anything I can play around with using paint or fabric to make unique, is fine with me. DH is lucky that I settle for used items. Actually I search them out,LOL. I'd much rather find a thrift or tag sale lamp and redo it then have $ for more finds. Makes sense to me. I've never been one to buy a setting in a furniture store. I would feel like I am in a foreign house if I decorated that way. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but my imagination needs to take part in what surrounds me, not a designers view.

I need to find or make something for the high glass dome I found at Hobby Lobby.

It didn't have a base so I painted (yes, paint is a wonderful thing) an antique mirrored stand. I found it for $1.00 at a garage sale. The metal scroll work was too pretty to leave behind and the price wasn't bad either :-) The linen scarf under the lamp which was the one found in a Chicago alley, was $1.00. I found it last Autumn at the fairground flea market. I asked the owner of the booth what the real price was and she said anything in the box was $1.00. I figured someone dropped it in there by mistake because there was nothing wrong with it. Come to find out, it is a Victorian table scarf. The edges and ends are heavily crocheted with four tassels dripping off the four corners. Amazing what people discard.
(The phone doesn't stay there, it just landed there after being removed from the kitchen)

I am liking the carpet more each day. I have to hunt to find anything when I vacuum. No more daily vacuuming for me! I also realized that I don't have to do Spring cleaning!!!!! Everything has been removed, cleaned, tossed or returned to its spot. There are perks for decorating in the Winter after all!

Alright, its time for me to head out. Beth, you sure had a nice day to travel!!!! I wish we could have met up this afternoon. Next time!
Hopefully your day has been bright as well!


  1. Hi Pat...I LOVE the lamp!! And the tall Cloche is absolutely gorgeous!!

    I notice you live in Indiana husband and I have found a delightful 3600 square foot home we rent in the Dunes for weekend get-aways...or more, when we have vacation days available. We LOVE eating at Lucrezia's. As a matter of fact, about a month ago, I did a post about that restaurant!


  2. Pat, love the lamp shades! I really like the tufted fabric! I have a couple of very old lamps I need to get some shades for and add some lace to! Love the glass dome with the mirror base too! Great idea! And the linen scarf is beautiful! I just bought a linen napkin set and was thinking of stripping the lacework off of it, but maybe I'll keep it and use it... Can't wait to see even more pictures!

  3. You certainly have the touch for linen and lace and romantic. Your vignettes are really looking amazing. Beautiful home and yes you are way ahead of the "spring cleaning"!

  4. Pat,
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your lamps! They turned out beautiful. The dome is amazing! I need to check out HL next time I am in!

  5. See, I told you that sun would be moving your way!

    Beautiful decorating Pat. I love seeing your vintage finds and your lovely home decor!

  6. I love the cherub base lamp. I like the teacup in the glass dome too. Is that a bird's nest I spy in there? LOL! And that dresser scarf is to die for! You've done well. :-)

  7. Love the dome and mirrored base. I envy that your spring cleaning is all done. Everything looks like it's coming together.
    And yes it was a great day for travel, we shopped a little and the ate at Hacienda restaurant.

  8. The lamps look gorgeous! Vintage lace and cream paint fix everything. You have a great eye for putting things together. I am drooling over that linen runner, gorgeous!
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings


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