Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is that sun?

I feel like a spindly pale flower sprout ......

.....who was discovered, fed with vitamin water and moved to a garden to bloom!

Because the sun came out today, which we haven't seen in a few. I swear the sun energizes my soul. I am a sun goddess, well, not the goddess part, but sun worshiper. It is so bright and I really needed to see that today.

It motivated my boring shopping trip along with the unexpected phone call from my sweet friend & neighbor Karen....down the road :-). I am excited and so looking forward to a road trip to Lemon Creek  fabrics and Trade Wind bead shop with the gang. I haven't seen Karen since September when she started Weight Watchers....well, there wasn't much to her then, and now she is a wisp of a woman. I am so proud and happy for her. It has certainly encouraged me to keep riding! I stopped by for a second to share a snack I enjoy and is WW friendly. It gives me tons of energy and satisfies the sweet tooth along with the need to crunch something. I dice half an apple, 2 tsps of chopped pecans and half a container of very vanilla fat free yogurt, mix in a bowl and yum!

When I arrived home I jumped on the bike and now I am going to do more stitching on the wall hanging. Angell is snoozing on the couch. She had her allergy shot yesterday along with her Parvo shot and nails clipped, so today mom isn't one of her favorite people....however now I can get stuff done without her needing to cling. This evening or tomorrow all will be forgotten and back on mom's lap she will be. Until then, gotta do all I can. I hope you are having a sun filled day! Think Spring!


  1. So glad you came by to share a bit of gypsy heart moments. Cozy is good when you are laughing and loving with kindred spirits.
    And those tags you have been crankin' out are wonderful.
    Warm Blessings comin' your way ;-)

  2. Did you find any new things at Tradewinds? I think I'm going there Saturday, if the weather permits.

  3. Hi Pat,
    Haven't been here for awhile.Where does the time go??!!Love your new carpet. I have an area rug on the hardwood and it has squares too..Mine is a silver green.LOL
    I am involved in the One World One Heart again this year. I am giving a beaded bracelet as my prize. Hop over and join in.
    Sounds like you had a great road trip. Buy anything exciting?
    I was envious of your trip to the antique place. Lots of fun there I bet.
    Just wanted to touch base and let you know I am surviving and thinking of you. We have had some sunshine too but Spring cannot come soon enough!!!!
    Anxious to see your wallhanging;-}
    Take care

  4. Sounds like you had a great day - send some of that sunshine to me would you. Grey, dark, miserable looking days, cold, damp, grim, and this afternoon it snowed again!

    But its the four seasons that make our worlds great - and don't we appreciate spring time!


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