Thursday, January 07, 2010

A day for home made apple pie and beef stew!

I heard the weather forecast for lots of snow to arrive before turning in for the night so as soon as I awoke I bundled up and headed off to the grocery store. ( I hardly looked like her though)

 I am lucky to live only 4 miles away from the grocery store. It is so nice to live in the country area of a small town and close to the beach.Even nicer to live less than an hour from a big city if you have the urge to take in the theater, museum,ball game, or special events in Chicago. Aside from the winter months seeming so long,(for a gardener), this  really is a great place to live.

I shopped for some hearty home made meal supplies to make chicken noodles,beef stew,apple pie,cookies,etc the next few days. Things to make from scratch that stick to your ribs. I enjoy baking and cooking on cold wintry days when temperatures forbid you to go out to build a snowman or ski.

I returned home and chopped the veggies and put the stew on then peeled, sliced and arranged the apples (in  store bought crust) and tossed a pie in the oven while talking to mom on the phone. While the enticing aroma fills the house I will paint a few frames then grab a magazine and cup of tea and head for my comfy corner to read with Angell beside me. The snow is really coming down and it is so cold out there. I try to keep from  thinking of the little animals outside and homeless people dealing with the cold and snow. It is impossible not to.

I have gathered some supplies to start on the little gifts I had planned to send before Christmas but didn't get to.This evening after dinner dishes are done and everyone has settled in, I will begin my projects. I need to create and stop decorating. My muse is probably ready to pack her bags and be on her way. I can't have that happen!
I hope you are all warm and enjoying your new year.


  1. I'm so done with winter!!! Hope my plow guy comes in the morning. Cooking AND painting-you're so full of energy. Maybe I should come to your house for dinner-sounds good-Hugs Leslie

  2. Yes, it's coming, Pat: * SNOW * !
    Due here in north central PA tonight! By then, you'll probably have lots already on the ground. And I'll bet you DID look pretty good at the grocery store! ;-)

    Don't you LOVE these beautiful prints of lovely ladies for our needlework! Yours are always exquisite.

    Hubby is making Italian tonight!
    I can't wait. Perfect for a cold, winter night! After a glass of nice, red wine.

    Keep warm, friend!

  3. We do not have snow but a very frustrating four days without phone service and DSL. Happens every winter. All fixed for now. I like you new soft colors on your blog sidelines. You were smart to go early to market so you can enjoy warm comfort food while you are getting cold snow. I have lots of catching up to do now. I look forward to your projects.

  4. Must have been in the air, I made beef stew tonight as well!! It tasted darn good and I haven't made it in years! Hope you aren't snowed in for long, but it is kind of a nice break isn't it??

  5. Sounds like you guys are having the winter I had last year. We have no snow as of yet. It is snowing at the pass ( for skiing). I will keep warm thoughts for you. I am almost able to sniff that apple pie. Mmmmm Sharon


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