Friday, January 29, 2010

Another sunny day!

I am full of glee again today with the sun shining so bright. I am longing for Spring and so is this little guy sitting in the window.......

I took a trip to town to check out the Church resale shop late morning. I found four small chandelier shades for my dining room. I was going to cover them with lace but since they are creamy/beige I decided they can wait until I decide for sure if and what to do with them. I almost bought two cubby units but knew I had no studio room left. Argh! Only $20 for two tall units each with at least 30 cubby holes. I'm sticking to my guns about not buying anything unless it has a place. After all the stuff I tossed and donated a few weeks ago....I learned my lesson.

So, while bumming around town on this sunny day DH called and said he came home early and if I wanted to just pick up some food in town. Sure! No cooking? You betcha! I stopped at Molly Bea's, a bulk spice/candy shop in town for my Favorite white studio canister needed filling, then I decided Chinese and pizza since it was the weekend and the guys can just snack on the leftovers. I had totally forgotten to stop by Dawn's house to drop off a little something for her. She had called yesterday in between flights to report how she now has the CQ bug. Yeah!!!!! When she gets home we will have to get together. I can't wait to see her block. One little 4 hour lesson and this girl can't stop. (Sorry Don) See ya soon Dawn :-)

Getting back to my story, when I arrived home I wasn't in the mood to stitch so I played with paper..again, instead. I adore these ribbon and lace winders. I plan on making them for my special laces in the studio. They are so pretty. These are from this etsy shop. As you can see in the pic, the sun is pouring in the studio place I'd rather be right now.
I may wrap some silk ribbons on them for gift giving and blog prizes too. I had bought another set too but haven't printed them yet. They have a beautiful woman on them. Oh I love to play with pretty things!

I have to mention these pretty tags too. The green set was a free download from Pam of "From the Craft Room here.

I should be stitching but all I can think about is playing and next weeks trip to MI with my gal pals!

I'm off to cut, punch, and string ribbons through more tags.....what an addiction!


  1. What fun you have been having. I know what you mean about donating my stuff to the local thrift store and then shopping there and buying it it seems! Very pretty ribbon tags. Keep creating...

  2. Hi Pat,
    Just dropped by your blog for the first time today,
    What a lovely lot of crafting you have been doing, the ribbon/lace keepers look wonderful with the ribbons & lace on,
    I hope you don’t mind but I have added your blog to my favourite blog list

    Happy crafting
    Pam x


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