Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time for a breather and browse.

Painting is all finished and I have already crawled over drawers full of clothing to gather supplies to cover some chandelier shades with vintage lace and crystals. The crystals are from the Junk shop venture with my pals Sue and Wendy last Spring. The shades were painted and brittle from age, another tag sale find. I attached vintage lace that had seen better days. Too fragile to create with yet too beautiful to toss. I then added a glass beaded trim and now I must cover the trim band with a cream braided gimp. This project took less than 30 minutes and allowed my muse to take over for a while. It has been a long day and it's only 6:00....yawn! I hope I can sleep tonight.

 I bought the little 4 bulb chandelier years ago for $5 at a tag sale. It was painted cream with gold splattered on it, not attractive yet too sweet to leave behind. It hangs over our bed for reading and stitch projects for as long as I can keep my eyes open.
 I think I will hang it in the upstairs hall by the East  window with a leaded glass book case and comfy chair. I have gathered my Romantic Homes and Victoria magazines for the book case. I hope they all fit. It will be a perfect reading and dreaming spot after a hard day of gardening or a blustery Winter's day. Also to catch a glimpse of some beautiful rosy and periwinkle sunrises!

I have also spent some time this afternoon  browsing etsy and ebay for shabby slipcovers. Our living room furniture is only a couple years old and so very comfy that I don't want to give it up. I am hoping to find something either in cream or floral pink , cream, and green. I wish I could sew well enough to make some myself however I don't trust ME that much.
Anyway.....while browsing I found a beautiful shabby etsy shop, take a peek at her pretty offerings here..

I also found some new images that speak to me which will find their way into some fabric creation for my dining room here. They are digital creations by the very talented Itkupilli who designs free backdrops for blogs and headers sold in her etsy shops as well. Gorgeous collages.

The expressions on their faces remind me of my Aunt and mother's childhood photos. It was common to be serious and perhaps a little fearful of the camera.

Speaking of pretties, I wanted to share some of the things that arrived from dear friends the past two weeks. Looks like fun doesn't it? Thank you ladies!!!!!

Well, it is time to clean up for the evening. A lavender Epsom salts bubble bath is calling me and may entice sleep.....
"Sleep . . . knits up the raveled sleeve of care,
The death of each day's life, sore labor's bath,
Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course, Chief nourisher in life's feast."


  1. Oh I love the little chandelier! It's perfect with the old lace and prisms!!! I'm off to check out the shabby chic shoppe, was thinking of opening one myself... Love all the wonderful things your frinds sent you!

  2. Hey there cutey pie! I love hearing you vent ~ it makes me feel normal!!!
    The lamp look's BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Tonight I finally got to surf alittle and was searching for some Shabby sites to pass on to you when my computer kept freeezing.I ended up buying a $498.00 computer on Walmarts website ~ LOL! My computer is about 8 yrs old so it's time! Now if I can just find those sites again ~ I will forward them to you!!!
    ps ~ Frank mailed the rum cake Sat ~ trust me ~ it has enough rum in it to put a smile on your face!

  3. Pat!!! You've been busy accomplishing so many projects! And everything looks and sounds like its coming along beautifully! I need a slip cover for my old love seat too but hadn't thought of looking on etsy or ebay...good idea.

    Love those photos you found...also LOVE Itkupilli's designs which are truly wonderful! Happy New Year (almost)! Have fun with your continuing projects! Hugs, Coralie

  4. ove all the wonderful things your frinds sent you!

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