Friday, December 04, 2009

Stitching away

After playing in the studio for a few hours this morning I ventured down to the kitchen for a drink and found DH standing on a chair cleaning the cabinet tops, all my display containers had been washed and were drying on the counter. I should have taken a picture because this is a rarity.LOL. Is the man bored? Am I a dirty housekeeper? One thing I clean only twice a year is the top of cabinets. It's where any cooking oils land along with dust. Yuck! Ammonia is the only thing that cuts that grime, and he was prepared for battle.

I grabbed a bottle of water and quietly tiptoed back upstairs to continue playing. I'm no fool! :-)
I am almost finished with my project and have two smaller ones to hopefully finish over the weekend, well, Saturday eve and Sunday.

Detox is almost over. I don't want sugar but I would love a piece of Provolone cheese. I love cheese, almost any kind. I am glad I kept a journal so I can compare with my next detox. I feel like I have a fresh start. I also think I will be giving more thought as to what I consume. Feeding the body more than the cravings. Have you ever noticed when you crave something and don't have it, and you eat something else, the craving is gone. You don't have to have that item, just something to nourish. The body sends signals when it needs nourishment, when we ignore those signals, it fools us into eating by working on our brain. Telling it you want chocolate, or something greasy, just so you will consume anything for it to keep functioning.Although it prefers and needs the correct nutrients, it will settle for whatever it can get.

My changes starting Sunday, yes, I am taking tomorrow off yet I will not blow what I accomplished. I just want a day to not dwell on food consumption.
I will make my breakfast the biggest most calorie filled meal of the day so I can work it off by bed time.
I will snack (healthy) many times during the day to keep my metabolism from dipping.(This is where cravings come in)
I will eat the portion size of weight watcher's because that really works.
I will continue to ride my bike because it clears my mind not to mention tightens my legs and behind while melting away anything that doesn't belong.
I will continue on the vitamin supplements I have been using from this program.
I will frequent the health food store to experiment with healthier food sources and various products. I love the smell of a good health food store. So herbal and fresh!

Again, I must thank Sandy for not leaving me in the dark and enlightening me on the detox process. I would have never tried to detox because a few months ago I caught "The Doctors", which is a group of doctors on TV that cover all topics. They said the body removes it's own toxins and you do not need to use a detox program or product. I thought that made sense then.

All I can say is if you can spend only a few days doing this, than do it. You will feel great afterward. It isn't fun, and is quite boring, sometimes torturous, when you are cooking for family too, but the light feeling you will experience, whether mental or physical, you will agree that is was worth it. Ok, off my soap box.

 Thank you for all the emails and encouragement everyone. They were much appreciated. :-)
Back to stitching! Have a great weekend.


  1. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  2. Pat, I'm so glad you stuck with the detox, but I know I'm not strong enough to do it myself (one of my co-workers does it every quarter). Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the lovely Bliss Kit that you sent me for successfully guessing what you were making last week. Your ribbons are beautiful and so artfully packaged! I really appreciate your generosity. Hugs, Cathy

  3. Pat, good for you. You're a good example for me. I need to begin to eliminate sugar from my diet. I've already lowered my fat intake. Now...for the sugar!

  4. Glad the detox is going well and that you seem to have at last recovered from your ills - and back up to speed. Haven't been on the internet much these past few days so its be great to visit and catch up with all your news. That film sounds lovely, I shall look out for it.

    Bless your dear husband for doing those cupboard tops. I put newspaper on top of mine - or unused wallpaper, then its just a case of roll it up, throw it away, as quick wipe around any edges which were not covered and on goes fresh paper!

    I will be off line for a couple of days but will catch up asap.

  5. you said it all so well !


    Brava Miss Detox

    YOU DID IT !

    I was nodding all thru the post ! yep yep yep

    THANK YOUUUU for sharing the info

    it was good to compare and hear .

    Now I better take a cue from you

    and HOP ON MY BIKE TOO !

    Sew Happy For You

    xo- S.

  6. yehhh how about that DH !!!

    Loads of love for that !

  7. Pat, this is all so interesting. Thank you for sharing what you're doing with us! Twyla

  8. Hi Pat, just stopped by to see what you're up to. Hope all is well. Perhaps you're decorating your lovely home for the holidays?
    I always enjoy your photos.


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