Saturday, December 19, 2009

********Let it Snow!***********

We officially have snow on the ground! I love to see snow covering the limbs and everything. Like a freshly washed winter blanket. Today is our Anniversary, yesterday Angell became a" teenager" at 13, and the 17th was mom's birthday. I took mom shopping and we enjoyed a nice lunch. Angell was happy with a small dish of beef stew and a new chewy, and today I would be happy to just do nothing. I'm not one who enjoys going out as much as staying home for a quiet evening, even if the house is torn upside down :-) Home is SWEET!

This is my beautiful hanky pillow from Terri.The saying reads,"In the early spring the roses on her teacup came into full bloom".  Isn't that sweet? I love it. Terri used a vintage hanky too. :-)

I did get in a few hours of studio play yesterday. I made racing flags for a friend who always does favors for me. It was nice to do one for him and I enjoyed just sewing straight lines and actually make something worthwhile.I also assembled two little purses for a couple little sweet girls. Quite simple embellishments but enough to tickle their fancy. I just love the images which remind me of the" Dick and Jane" readers.

 I thought they would need a purse of their own for when their mother uses hers. What girl doesn't need a purse? I think the reason I wasn't blessed with a daughter was because I would smother her in ruffles, lace, purses, and frilly things way too much. LOL.  She would have a purse for every day of the week (or month). She would wear lace slips and pinafores,lacy white anklets like mom dressed me in. (Not caring about current fashion with tops having the midriff showing)I think she would have also been a tomboy. Although I wore the frills, I sure gave mom some dirty laundry. She never complained though and neither did I. She had her little girl dressed like Shirley Temple and I got to play as I wished. I loved my dolls but never took to the makeup dress up party at all. I loved digging worms, dressing toads in Kleenex diapers, catching swimming frogs in the pond before my brothers got to them, and making a bakery full of mud pies decorated with acorns,berries and twigs in my "shop" at the edge of the woods. 
Anyway, it is nice to get to make things for friends daughters to get this out of my system. I don't really know these little girls but they sound very special and their mother is a wonderful and caring woman. Christmas is a perfect time to get a surprise from a stranger don't you think?

Yesterday my secret sister info came from the NANI guild. I can't wait to plan for that. This is the first secret sister I have had...ever! How fun this will be.

I am off to see what the day brings. I think a snowy walk is a must for today. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. pat your purse is just beautiful and what a wonderful Hankie we are so fortunate to have you in our cq world.....Happy Holidays.

    Sharon G

  2. What a fun time it will be to sit inside and watch the snow fall.

    Your hanky pillow is lovely and I love the saying on it. The little purses are just beautiful as well.

    I DID have a girl (after four sons) and she was a "girly" girl. She wanted all the frills and ruffles so it was such fun. Eventually she wanted to dress herself and then it was not as much fun, but that is the way it usually happens. I, too, was the tomboy. The only dresses I wore were the ones I was forced into for church and "fancy" ocassions.

    Enjoy your snow. Bet it is gorgeous!

  3. Your little purses are beautiful and I know these little girls will just love them. And that pillow is so pretty too. I love the saying with the cup. I just finished a CQ pillow for my daughter. She was one of those little girls that didn't like frills but now she does like the lace and silk ribbons on some of the things I make. We had a little snow the other day. Didn't last long here in Texas. Our snow always fast. Hope you have a wonderful walk in the snow and a great day.
    Hugs, Pat

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful and productive week. Your CQ purses might be simple but they are beautiful...very lucky little girls. Enjoy your snow as it is beautiful and ethereal. Happy Anniversary and Happy Belated Birthday to Angell and Mom.

  5. Your work is just wonderful! Do you purchase your images or make them yourself? Congratulations on all the special occasions.

  6. Somehow I missed leaving a comment on your last post-what a fabulous makeover you are doing on your home, it is looking stunning and I am sure the bedroom will be fit for a queen.

    Love the pillow you received - what talented friends you have - and of your purses are just wonderful 'simple' I don't think so - stunning - indeed.

    Thank you so much for sharing your childhood memories - I loved it to bits. And can just picture it.

  7. I was right there in my mind till you got to Toads with Kleenex daipers- that was a new one!!!!!Quite the cute image came to mind!!!!
    the little girls will be enchanted, what a wonderful friend you are. the purses are pure delight!!!
    Congrats on your anniversary and enjoy the snow!! We have 18 + inches here in SE VA- unheard of !! We do have power and food and no where to go- let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!!
    Big Holiday Hugs!!!

  8. Pat,

    I feel like I have a kindred spirit. I was also a tomboy to every extreme. These beautiul purses are a treaure to behold. The two little girls will love them and mom will hold you as a treasured friend. You sure do know how to make a mom cry. Bless you sweet lady.


  9. Merry Christams Pat! Been in the hospital, but now how with my oxygen and the coolest wheelchair! Life is so awesome! Christmas lights, our tree and of course friendships! We are all so blessed... Old cumputer blew up. have new one, but have lost my blogs so was so tickled to find you. But gotcha now! Merry Christmas Pat!

  10. Pat the purses are wonderful!!! They'll love them! I have twin teenage daughters and when they were little they told me "we're not Barbie dolls mom!" I wasn't even dressing them in lace!!!! :D Hope you have a very Merry Christmas Pat! And thank you for always being such a fantastic inspiration! Marva


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