Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's happening!!!!

The carpet guys are here and the green carpet is going bye bye! I am trapped in the kitchen but well supplied with coffee, laptop,and new magazines!!!

In the Feb 2010 issue of Romantic Homes there is a room I would absolutely love to sit in and of course own on pages 36-37. It looks so relaxing and it has the slipcovers I am looking for. All four of these magazines have wonderful treats for us to drool over. Shabby and so beautiful. Very worth buying which doesn't happen too often. I usually find one or two each month or two that really need to come home with me. I find several duplicate each others theme and it isn't worth buying both. I don't know why they do that. I know of course they are based on Holidays and seasons  but they don't need to copy room layouts and furnishings.
Listen to me gripe. Wow! Have I turned into miss persnickety or what? I will calm down once I'm sitting in my new dining room.I promise.:-)
While I was out and about yesterday I stopped and picked up some of those thin wooden appliques to decorate furniture with. I only tried one so far. I can't get to my other furniture yet,LOL. This one reminded me of angel wings. It went in the center of the leaded glass book case. I wonder if DH will notice?

The guys have two rooms of carpet removed already and.....................the sun came out!!!! Yippee! I want to take a walk!!! I hope it stays out until DH gets home.
Oh how I wish I had a project to work on. If this ordeal would have been planned instead of impromptu I would have been better prepared.

I won't ramble and bore you any longer. I am going to start on the magazines......it was impossible not to take a quick browse of each last night. I hope your day is sunny.


  1. You are too funny. I would be so content to be sitting reading such wonderful magazines. My DH is prepping our upstairs and downstairs for carpet cleaning so lookout...lots to be done and I do not want to be doing this yuck! I must remember it will be a fresh clean beginning to the new year. Happy reading to you and I bet you get lots of inspiration for your beautiful home.

  2. I did get Victoria at the grocery store Fri and it is lovely guess i need to look for the others. Is that the new issue of Life?
    Have fun

  3. How exciting having new carpets - you'll be so posh it will cost half-a-crown to talk to you before long.

    So which articles in the magazine insprired you the most - and what room do you plan to change next? Love those little wooden appliques you bought.

    There is one thing about being in the country - it saves me a fortune or else I would be buying all sorts of things.

    It's nice to have a change isn't it, and brings such joy.

    Wishing you and yours a very healthy, happy, and peaceful new year.

  4. Happy New Year Pat! And good luck with the new carpetless "ambience".

  5. Hi Pat, so glad to hear that your house is coming along so nicely. Pretty soon it'll be all done and then you can relax and get back to creating your pretties!

    I had to laugh, I have all of those magazines and I love them! I can't help myself, I'm a sucker for the shabby chic cottage look too!


  6. it saves me a fortune or else I would be buying all sorts of things.

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  7. those wings look like they've always been there.

  8. The wings make the cabinet nice, they almost look carved on the furniture. Love those magazines, give me lots of great ideas. I love your house, I don't know how you could make it better. Congrats on the new carpeting, doesn't it make everything seem better when you have a new floor? Hugs Leslie


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