Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gotta share my surprise

As you know, it can be very overwhelming when you are the one doing the decorating choices. I haven't decorated in so long I am not trusting my judgment these days.I know what I want in my head and that is all I have to go on. The Romantic Homes magazines I have hoarded for many years has been my only guide. It is so hard to be at the painting stage and getting the basics in place. I like the decorating part, not the hard labor part :-)
So, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed I headed to the kitchen to sit with a pot of tea and wallow in my woes. I peeked out the front door window and saw a huge box on my porch. The delivery guys never knock on the door. They figure we will eventually see our mail at some point. Thinking it was something DS ordered, I grumbled as I struggled to get it in the door without Angell running out. (She is mad at me because she got a bath and nails clipped last night)

The box was for moi! It was from my sweet friend Terri of CT. Terri somehow has the ability to read my mind. It has happened time and time again, so although she won't reveal this talent, I know she possesses it none the less. Inside the box was this beautiful shabby chic shelf in cream with hand painted roses. Squeal!

 Yes I hung it immediately. It was exactly what was meant to go between the windows. I was searching for something this morning online, and here it was sitting on my front porch! Crazy right? But true! Terri also sent an adorable snowman kit complete with pipe and carrot nose. She also made a beautiful embroidered hanky sachet for me (picture soon..battery low) What a tearful morning I had....happy tears of course.

Please excuse the disaster but here are a few sneak peeks at the redo. My little shabby chandelier for the dining room......

The chandelier in the hall..........

The green walls with cream glad to be rid of the dark wall paper! Soon the dark green carpet will be gone as well!

So, there you have it. Today I start painting upstairs and next week I must store and move everything in my bathroom, bedroom and hall. Oh help me!

Enjoy your organized homes!



    We are at present tearing into our formal dining room. We installed vintage French doors and my guy purchased a fabulous vintage chandelier for my birthday. I KNOW your pain! Redoing stuff is such hard work. But the JOYS are never ending.

    Thinking of you girly. I'm truly loving it all.

    Love to you~


  2. It is absolutely beautiful and perfect in its spot between the windows. I love the color of the walls.

  3. Never doubt your decorating sense! Your home is beyond beautiful!! What a wonderful shelf and yes it is perfect between the windows. When you are finished with the painting, carpeting and redecorating YOUR home should be in the designer magazines. I look forward to seeing more photos. Well done.

  4. What a great gift and perfect place to hang it.
    We all know your creativity, I'm looking forward to see more photos of your home, I'm sure that it will be a much more fantastic with yuor finals touches.
    Season's greetings,

  5. Trudge onwards dear friend!! take lots of tea breaks and step back and look at your progress> It looks fabulous from here! HOw very sweet of Terri to send you the shelf! Dd she paint it herself?? I know that she is very talented!! Just think your home will start the new year with a completely new look and feel!!!!

  6. Oh be still my heart! I love green my fav and the two chandeliers are beautiful. I so want your house! Great job with green and cream. Oh yester year. Who needs Christmas when ya have all this?

  7. Enjoy your own style and go crazy! I love that shelf and those chandeliers! Beautiful! Looking good!! Merry Christmas!

  8. Lovely as always. For those visiting Pat's blog just a reminder that she dyes incredible ribbons for jewelry, needlework or whatever fancy you have to work with silk ribbons. Prices are great and the hardest thing about ordering them is to decide on what colors to pick. Blessings to everyone. Sea Witch

  9. The wall cabinet is perfect for that wall-what a wonderful present!! And I love the chandlier-Hugs Leslie

  10. Oh how cool is that! Love the shelf and your little chandeliers are to die for!!! I've been wanting to decorate in the shabby chic style for years but there's a huge brown couch in my living room... Can't wait to see more pics! Marva

  11. It must be difficult to be going through the redo process during the holidays. May yours be blessed and a new year filled with peace.


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