Monday, November 16, 2009

Tomorrow is the day!

I just received an email from the owner of the Pink House and he is meeting me there in the morning!!! Camera battery is in the charger ladies! I wish I felt better, but I am so anxious to see it and share with you that I am going for sure. I hope he lets me climb up the Cupola for a pic of the lake.

I tried to work on finishing a purse today but my energy level is low and the sewing machine ran out of bobbin thread so I took that as a sign to forget it today. DH is bringing home dinner and I am going back down to curl up with Angell on the couch and fall in and out of consciousness.

I am so drained but thankfully not sick to my stomach. I can't wait until I step foot in the Pink House tomorrow.......................................


  1. Sorry to hear that you are still feeling poorly - perhaps it is the aftermath of all the stress you have had this past month or so - you must be utterly exhausted I shouldn't wonder - and maybe your body is making you slow down.

    Do have a wonderful time tomorrow and looking forward to seeing your photos - but there is no rush - take time to rest up for a few days.


  2. Really sorry to hear you're still under the weather. Hope you recoop enough to truly enjoy your tour of THE PINK HOUSE.
    You've really found a treasure with this house.
    We'll all be with you in spirit as you wander around.
    Am sending positive thoughts you way.
    Gerry in mid-MO

  3. Oh I'm so sorry you've got the crud. Hope you feel better soon! Marva

  4. Hope you feel well enough to really enjoy the tour. I love the picture you posted - so pefect for the way you feel! You have a wonderful collection of these pictures.

  5. Take care of yourself Pat and get plenty of rest. I hope you feel better for the pink house. Can hardly wait to see the pics.

    That baby pic is so cute and did I see right that she is sleeping and the dog is drinking her bottle?

    Healthy hugs coming your way.



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