Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Taking a break

It is pretty cold out and we awoke to frost on the pumpkin! A great day for good hearty food I say. I just finished making home made chicken noodles and the house smells good and feels cozy. Now is my chance to slip up and take new studio pics.

Over the years my studio which is a spare bedroom upstairs in my home, has made many changes.Like most of us creative souls, I don't have a huge space like those shown in studio magazines however my space suits my needs.Besides, I couldn't possibly keep track of more stash let alone create any faster,LOL. I feel fortunate to have a spare bedroom and remember when my sewing space was a tiny closet with a shelf and barely room for a sewing cabinet.I used thumb tacks to attach Ziploc bags to the wall. It worked just as well as any fancy storage system at a fraction of the cost. :-)...and I could hide it all with the closing of a door.

I don't think limited space should dictate your creativity level.Please don't use that as an excuse to gather and create!!!!!
Since creating comes from within, we shouldn't allow outside space, or lack of, to dampen our creative mood. Even though I now have an outdoor creative space as well, I find myself gathering my current project and heading downstairs to sit with Angell or DH as I work. Warm days I am sitting among nature in the garden or front porch.
My creative friends have jobs and I don't really have a sewing group or special time I can meet and sew with anyone. I long for someone who is as passionate about creating as I am and who has some spare time to share. I know one day it will be, so until then I shall remain content in my space and just create on a whim. This is why teaching classes is blissful to me. Sharing and watching others get excited about fabrics, threads and embellishments is just...blissful!

Up for a studio tour? Don't blink, it isn't extensive :-)
As you walk through the door this is what you see.

 Turn to the left and you see my temporary solution to hiding my electric cord...a rug!

I moved my work table to the center of the room so I could access all four sides instead of only three. I love being able to walk all around as I work.

 Yes, that is a jar of chocolate treats in the center of the work table...for, for guests only. Every studio should have treats. Very handy to gain strength back from creating. It would be awful to faint from lack of nutrition right?

On the South wall I added my drawer units for crafting bits and storage for Kreinik threads.............

....also a shelf for small bits in tubes. In my cleaning furry I discovered my last order of tubes...Woo hoo! More things to fill!I love those tubes!!!

 ....and vintage sewing machine drawers of trims and larger laces for purses.

This is where I blog and visit you all when I can.

 I know it looks chaotic but I know where to find everything.
I have many dear friends who lavish me with gifts and special goodies so I switch out treasures often so I can view and think of the giver as I create. Needless to say, it is very inspiring to think happy thoughts when creating. The little book my sweet friend Jan gifted me with sit along the deep window sill with a little inspiration stone recently given to me by Laney. It reads,"Find Your Bliss!" How appropriate!

I will wrap up the tour with a jar of slashed sheer fabric bits which I pan on using to create a new fabric next week.

 As Elmer Fudd would say, "That's it folks! "
Now for a bit of sharing.................
My friend Lelia won a large stash of treats from a drawing associated with The Pink Project. Among her winnings were a few things she shared with some of her friends. I was a lucky recipient of a beautiful face by Linsart.

She is such a talent and I will use this on a special doll...perhaps a mermaid longing to find true love at sea?
Lelia also shared this sweet doll with me.

I will keep it a while and perhaps send it to a shelter as part of the Comfort Doll Project. I know a woman would love to receive this...but I must absorb some of the love first.:-)
I must also mention that Lelia is currently offering a pattern and tutorial on making sweet and handy Pearl cotton boxes...yours for the taking! Thanks Lelia.

 I sat in the class studio and played with some newly purchased rubber stamps.

 I had fun playing with glitter, listening to Michael Jackson and Mozart, drinking spiced cider and dreaming of future projects and classes.
I think there are a few positive things about being a loner, you can happily entertain yourself for hours.

I wish you all a bright and productive week!
By the way, my talented friend  Lilla, from Hawaii just listed some gorgeous gift ideas in her etsy shop...heads up!


  1. Looks like you've had some time to indulge! My studio is a spare bedroom too, packed to the gills. I have to declutter now to be able to find anything. It's important to find space to create. I was in a painting class once where the teacher said she used to sit on her basement steps because it was the only space she could go to and shut the door and paint. When the drive is there, you find a way.

  2. Your studio is lovely and so inspiring!
    Thank you for posting, I feel happy just looking at it!

  3. What a happy creating space.Thanks for sharing your photos.I mostly work alone too as my friends are mostly teachers and not "arty".It doesn't matter.I feel happy just stepping into my little bedroom studio and planning what I am going to do each day.I have a big dining room table littlered with beads at the moment.BLISS!!!

  4. "I know it looks chaotic but I know where to find everything."

    I don't think it's chaotic at all, it's LOVELY. I wish I could figure out how to get my space to look that good.
    Thanks for sharing your studio with us.

  5. Michael Jackson & Mozart? Really?
    LOL : ) When I'm looking classical, I choose Beethoven. Tell me, what is your fav Michael Jackson ? I like The Way You Make Me Feel --- I heard it on a movie soundtrack!!! Did you see the movie?

    More soon , L.

  6. I love your studio - very organized, feminine and functional. And well stocked, too, LOL. A couple months ago I rearranged my studio (I have a den, a bedroom and a separate room that is the "office", with files). In the big workroom, I put two tables in an L-shape in the center of the room, like you. I have power on the ceiling full-spectrum lights, so my cord drops down directly to my machines (sewing machine & Embellisher). I'm thrilled with the arrangement. But even so, those pesky gremlins have come in (when I'm not there, of course) and messed it all up again! Sheesh! Hugs, Cathy

  7. Your studio was lovely before but I do like the changes! Wish I could spend another day there like before!

  8. Hi Pat, I love your studio. My husband in in the process of laying a new floor in mine, and then it's back to reorganizing and putting everything scattered in the kitchen into the finished room. Again. But I can't wait to get back in where I was comfortable. And I CAN'T WAIT for the retreat!!!!! Yes!!!

  9. woweeee!! amazingly wonderful studio!! filled to the brim with creative treasures! how fabulous!! i want one just like yours!! all that space to wonder and ponder and create!!...a dream to me!!;0) thank u for your sweet comments on my blog! i truely love yours x

  10. What a wonderful studio!!! I really need to get my arranged and fixed up! Thanks for showing us!

  11. I'm with you on yearning for a stitching friend. I always sign
    Spokane, WA when I post to list in hopes that one day I'll open an email from someone who lives close by... Hasn't happened yet tho!! Love your new room..

    Gerry Krueger
    Spokane, WA

  12. Pat your creative space is as wonderful as you are. I can see where your amazing talent is inspired even in your arranging of your fabulous array of threads, beads, fabrics and goodies. Those tubes are great as you can see your stash. Thank you for sharing and keep creating.

  13. Great post Pat! I have been spending the evening organizing mine so it was so funny to check your blog and see this post!
    I have been taking a break from the blogging to catch up on stuff but am ready to jump back in again!
    I love the bead storage ~ GREAT ideas!

  14. Pat, your studio looks just as I thought it would! Organized, pretty and filled with goodies!

    My friends all have out-of-the-house jobs too and I also long for someone to share creative times with. In the meantime, my husband visits my studio during the day (he's retired), makes my lunch and brings me a glass of wine at the end of my work day. :-)

    Counting blessings!

  15. I think I've died and gone to heaven!!! I love your studio!!!! You are so organized!!! I have that same create sign and I have one of those huge jars to hold extra spools of thread! And I have lots of those vintage suitcases!!! Love them! Hubby rolls his eyes when I bring another one home... It was so much fun to tour your studio and see your stash!!! :D Marva


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