Friday, November 20, 2009

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...fog is lifting from my head.

I feel so much better today. Still not 100% but instead of the crud bug, I have the creative bug this morning. I am determined to produce something today even if it's a three headed turtle! (I'm not sure what I meant by that) Although I feel stir crazy and a powerful urge to escape my dwelling for a few hours, I am staying put throughout the weekend. I want this cold to be gone with no chance of a relapse. Thanks for the well wishes and kind thoughts, and I really didn't mean to be a complaining baby. I just get so bored when creating is taken away from me.

DS came home with the new issue of Artful Blogging last night and it saved me from insanity.

I needed to read about and see some fresh creative souls,and that certainly did the trick.Thank you Somerset for another wonderful issue(and all creative minds within the pages) When DS was heading out with friends, I asked this favor of him....being sick, he must have taken pity upon me you think? I honestly didn't expect him home so soon and was willing to wait until today to wrap my fingers around the delicious pages. When he came home a few hours later and handed it to me I felt like a child being given a whole bag of candy. Yum! I grabbed a bottle of water, turned on my little chandelier over my bed and dove in head first devouring each page as if it were a sweet confection! Why do these magazines have such a hold on us? Sweet fat free addiction! I love it! I'm sure the publishers do too.

I think its because we all need to take a journey, see pretty things, learn about what drives and inspires others, and just see things we may never have the desire to do but appreciate the process and enjoy the eyecandy. It is soothing in a way, to see you are not alone in making "strange" things, collecting unusual and somewhat useless items,and thinking "outside the box". As if I need reassurance that I can still play among the creative souls even if I don't have art degrees on my wall or have any desire to become famous.

That is a big reason why I enjoy blogging and meeting new online friends. Everyone is interacting in this colorful community. They may not do the same art, some may be more experienced or well known, some may be an every day body like myself who just has the urge to make things and share, but we all just have the same things gluing us together, the love to create,blogging and the internet. As we type each day( or when we can) we offer this part of ourselves openly. After the initial shock of being "read" and the insecurities of acceptance as a new blogger, it really is a "let your hair hang down" kinda atmosphere. Yes, some are more uptight and play by rules, but you know what I say about rules...................
Ok, I seem to be climbing up a soapbox...perhaps I have a fever? LOL. Jumping down, I am off to get dressed and play in the studio.

 I hope you all have a tip top day!


  1. I'm so glad you are feelings better. I think we can all relate to exactly what you write about. There is that inner drive in all of us to create - it satisfies our soul in a way that nothing else can.

    Keep on improving and hope the weekend is great for you.

  2. Glad your feeling better.

  3. Great news that you are feeling better enough to be in your studio creating. I never can understand people who seem to have no hobbies. Whatever do they do with their muse? Or sadly is their muse missing? :o)

  4. So glad you're getting better. Maybe you'll get your winter cold out of the way early in the year. I'm hoping not to "pick up" anything at work, I wash my hands so often they look like leather.
    Hope your magazine was enjoyable.

  5. Glad that you are perking up - and what a treat to get that magazine - I have never seen it over here.

    Oh your boudoir sounds very grand - with a chandelier - mine has an en-suite and a ceiling light and fan for the summer LOL!

    I am suffering a serious case of crafting deprivation too - but hope to rectify that on Saturday afternoon - fingers and toes crossed. Funny how one gets addicted to it isn't it!

    Just had to add - the word verification on this post is saying 'Coddess' - no, not Goddess
    but I think perhaps it's because you have a cold and the verification 'fairy' has caught it - I am sure that it really should be Goddess

  6. I don't know what is going on with blogger, but for two days no posts from my favs. Now I am deluged and there you are sick but now your better. Good grief I missed the whole event. So here goes...
    1 Pat I am so sorry you are feeling ill. Please take care. (should have been sent 2 days ago)
    2 Oh I am so happy you are feeling better. Sounds like your DH is taking good care of you. And look at sweet Angell right there for you.Stay in for the weekend and stay warm.
    3 Now that should cover my lapse of posts to you in your time of need.
    4 Seriously watch that cough and take care. Now I am off to yell at blogger and then a quiet nights rest.
    Sharon Teddy sends Angell high fives.

  7. You hit the nail on the head with your thoughtful comments today.
    While we may not create equally we do have inquiring minds and enjoy seeing what others are thinking and doing.
    Blogging is really changing our world.
    So very happy you are feeling better. And I meant it when I told you how much we all enjoyed the Tour of the Pink House.

  8. I'm happy you're feeling better Pat, I can empathize with you completly!
    I share the exact same feelings as you do about blogging, crafting, etc. In my craft room, I am free to express myself through my art forms, and to share with my many blog friends my thoughts. I feel such a sense of community, and know others do too. I look forward to meeting you soon,

  9. Pat, lol about rules! Push the envelope, girlfriend! Color outside the lines! Draw crooked lines without a ruler! I have so much gratitude for my own creative mind. So blessed, aren't we! No one can tell us we have to stitch or draw perfect equations. In our world we can print 2 + 2 = 7 if we want to!

    Hugs! Hope you're feeling better today!


  10. Hey Pat! So glad you're feeling better! Don't you just love Artful Blogging?! I think you should put in to have your blog published!!! Seriously! It's such an awesome blog and so inspiring!!! Marva


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