Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm baaaaack from the Pink House!

Before I start, everyone put a quarter in the computer for the guided tour.....:-)
 Unfortunately, this is a gray day for picture taking...so sorry.

Ladies, the photos I took do not capture the quaintness and warmth this cottage offers. Stepping out of the car  I knew immediately that this would be a memorable and very awesome experience for all who attend the retreat (s). I was happy my mom was free to go with because she enjoyed it so much. I think many retreats will be booked because it wouldn't be fair for only one group to get to enjoy this "girls week off". I guarantee you will feel like we are having a pajama party in Jr high school...only without parents or zits. Ok, here goes..........walking onto the back deck to back entrance...

There is another door to the right which is off the sitting room.
Upon entering the back door you find the kitchen. Spacious and everything included even dishes.
This is to the right of the door....

this is to the left..you can see mom's head by the phone.
Exiting the kitchen to the right you enter the dining room. Sorry it is blurry. There is a deck off the dining room so we can conveniently grill .
Although he gave me permission to take pics, I felt invasive, so I was quick and too selective. I wish I had taken every inch of the place!
To the left is a laundry room but I didn't photograph it. So, there is a washer and dryer for us to use...I didn't know that! Yeah!
Exiting the dining room you find the stairs leading to bedrooms and bath, the door which leads to the front porch off kitchen, the door leading to a bedroom and the entrance to the living room. The living room is so cozy and...

there is a fireplace if needed.

 I love this scroll piece above it.

To the left of the living room is a bedroom and bath.

The closed door shown in the foyer pic is another bedroom.

To the right is an entrance to the enclosed front porch filled with wicker for reading, stitching, chatting, enjoying wine or tea or just a slumber land.

Between the front porch and bedrooom is a small office area with desk for writing or blogging...yes, if you have wi-fi...you can bring your laptop.

Heading upstairs you will find a loft area with two mattresses on the floor (One is mine!) I love sleeping on the floor!!!!The wall is painted with clouds as you drift off to sleep....whoops! Did I say sleep?


Turn to the right and there is a window with a civil war era trundle bed (no Pic) then the bathroom with whirlpool. I know there will be a line at that door! It is so bright with two sunroofs.

The nooks and crannies int his house add so much to the ambiance. For a moment  I stopped and pictured myself with nine other ladies giggling, stitching and exchanging stories...I can't wait. Past the bath to the right there is a pretty blue bedroom with sun pouring in  every window, and it is an overcast gray day.

Every room is bright and cheerful. It was almost like magic to walk in from the gloom to find such bright spaces. We didn't turn the lights on either. Oh I can imagine how adorable it looks at night!

Then you have another bedroom in pale sage, again light filling every corner.

This bedroom has a little hideaway seating area to drift away from the group to have a chat or show and tell.

I had to peek through the window to the street below.

Next the owner pulled down the stairs from the ceiling and I tip toed up to the Cupola to see what I could see.

Apparently in my excitement  and exhaustion last Saturday with Laney, my mind played a trick on me and made me believe the house was across the street from the beach front. As you can see, the water is there, but there are many condos, although beautiful, so we will have a small walk, perhaps three blocks and over the marina bridge. In June, it will be a welcomed jaunt. Besides, there will be cars for those who prefer to drive. It is a lovely vacation spot and tourists disappear from Oct to June.Planning a June 2011 retreat is a perfect time. The shops will be open and yet tourists will not have arrived yet....except for us crazies.
Outside heading around front this is the detail you will see.

There is a really nice grassy side yard, I will bring lawn chairs for sure. This is the front which I have already posted.

Looking up you see the cupola.

Now lets go down town, a block away..........We have several restaurants and unique shops.

Ooops! Where did that chocolate shop come from?????

Yes, even a subway!

There a a few really cute clothing shops like this one, Indian Summer. I love their clothes!.

Heading toward the beach......right there is the train station.

Talk about convenience! Just a block and a half from the Pink House.

The beach!!!!!!!!!!! If we find time I would love to show you "my beach" in Beverly Shores.
Heading back over the bridge back into town............

Condos galore.

One evening we may have to dine or have a nightcap at Hannah's. It is a hot spot.
Well, there is a lot more to see, but you will have to wait and see for yourself. Now, to plan a project...........after all, this is a CQ retreat right?
Time for DH to come home...off to make a salad!
Hope you enjoyed the tour....I haven't received any quarters yet???? Hmmmm .....


  1. This is going to be so awesome Pat, the cottage is gorgeous, and with the shops and restaraunts right there, what a convenience! I'm starting to save my spending money right now!! Thanks for the tour, it was great!

  2. I put a £1 in so that I could revisit! It is all like something off a film set isn't it.

    Oh my - what a wonderful time you are all going to have.

    Hmmmmm off to day dream

  3. Really and truely ~ am I
    dreaming???? I just can't believe this is happening! Everything looks PERFECT!!! You score a HOME RUN on this one Pat!

  4. Thanks for sharing Pat, it is beautiful. I loved every pic.
    Hugs, Pat

  5. How lovely! You will have a blast!

  6. Seeing all of these wonderful photos makes me even more excited- if that is even possible!!!! i can't wait!!! We ARE GOING TO HAVE A BLAST!!!!
    Big Smiles!!!!

  7. Ok, I'm officially jealous.....I want to come and play too!
    This is a gorgeous place to have a retreat! Have fun ladies....have you each picked your fave place yet..I take the bathroom with the whirlpool and two sunroofs...oh yeah, that's my place of rest!
    Thanks for sharing Pat!

  8. Sigh.... jealous.... sigh..... sob.... sigh.... I wish I lived closer...
    Hope you gals have fun!

  9. Oh wow, now I'm REALLY excited! LOL. And I might even explore the idea of taking Amtrak, just for the adventure! You did a great job with the pictures, worth every penny of the two quarters I put in *wink, wink*!! Hugs, Cathy

  10. I wanna play there too!! Looks so beautiful and I adore Pink!

  11. Oh I love, love, love the pink house!!! When can I move in??? I would absolutely love to live in a house like that!!! I just love all the slopes and angles and the enclosed porch!!! They just don't make them like they used to...


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