Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hmmmmmm....possible crazy quilt Retreat?

I was curious after I read the info on the sign.....I'm thinking Crazy Quilt retreat for a week?????
Shall I start planning?

Stitching, sharing,stitching, talking,stitching, field trip to Lemon Creek Fabrics,stitching,Trade Wind bead shop, stitching,beach combing , restaurants close by and eat in kitchen or grill outdoors, porch sitting with tea or wine...........I'm there! Anyone else?


  1. Oh how I would love to be there with you.

    But instead I shall just dream - and 'soak' it all up when you do decide to host a CQ day there. Count me in - I will be there in spirit!

  2. Hmmm... I'm not much of a stitcher, but for such an occassion - and a chance to beach comb with you, and bead shop and tea, and see the pink house, and, and, and, I may give stitching another shot!! Where is this located???

  3. As for me, I wish I was closer as I would surely be there. That would be so much fun! I shall just keep wishing and hoping one day I can join you in something like that. I too will be there in spirit.

  4. Oh... I'm in love with that house! Can I come? Can I, can I, can I? Please!

  5. It sounds dream-like to me! Definitely a place in my dreams only!
    Enjoy, Pat!


  6. I would love to come and the Pink house is the perfect place. So do I need to start saving now? I hope to count me in, what fun and company to be in with a bunch of crazy patchers....hugs Lisa

  7. I will be there- As long as we have lead time to save some traveling money! Oh what a grand time we would have!! Dreams can become realities!!!!!!

  8. For real!? How much I'm coming!

  9. With you--yeh, I'm there!!! Where did you find a pink house?

  10. What an awesome house!!! I wish I could come! I'd love to see your work in person and visit "the" store!

  11. that sounds like a dream retreat and that house is adorable. I wonder......
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings


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