Friday, November 27, 2009

Finished clutch #3

I'm not into football or extra servings of turkey dinner so I slipped up to my studio and finished the clutch. The pictures do not look very well. I used a velvet on the back so it is more pliable than the first two even with the fusible batting layer???? The magnetic closure is under the leaf in the middle. This one looks vintage with muted Autumn colors. I had "Holidays" in mind, but went too "muddy" with the colors.

 I also attached the pocket to the water bottle case. I think this will go in my artfire shop. It's too fancy for Chesterton use,LOL.

I used a piece of dyed lace over a fabric for the pocket for a more casual look.

I dyed a few ribbon this afternoon and studied the detox book a little further. I am getting scared of the thought of no bread....yikes!
This is what I bought to start with. Things I never thought I would ever consume in my life....  seaweed.....almond milk.....flax seeds...oh dear!

I did buy a few delights while at the health food store. I've always wanted to try the melted massage butters and this one smelled nice and earthy for DH.

 I am trying to ease the pain in his shoulders and back since he has refused outside help. :-(
I fell in love with this lotion. It really makes your skin so soft.

Slather it on after a bath and you are off to dream land in no time.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those who fought crowds today and will be over the are crazier that I am!!!! LOL


  1. Lovely, just lovely!

  2. Beautiful finishes!!

  3. No not too muddy at all, I think it is quite festive and pretty. And then be still my heart in purple!! Yummo! Looks like your on the road to being healthier then all of us. Good for you. Hope ya have the whole wkend to relax!

  4. Pat, your crazy quilting is beyond beautiful!!! I hope your hubby is feeling better soon. Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Hugs, Paulette

  5. Beautiful work as usual!

    I think once you get past the initial craving of bread that you won't miss it. I found that starches make me sluggish and too much bread bloats me. I rarely buy it these days but I do eat it when I eat out, especially if it's good bread. LOL! I can't hardly stand the buns on something like McDonald's though. In fact, I'll order a sandwich without a bun and enjoy it much more. Good luck with the detox. I looked at that site too and felt motivated to try it but will probably wait until after the holidays when I can really focus on it.

  6. Your cq pieces are beautiful as always!!! The detox diet sounds fun (not)! I should probably do one of those too, but I think I'll put that off for a few more years. :D Marva

  7. Oh those are two different pieces, aren't they?
    I love both of them, each in its palette.

  8. Hi Pat! Since I went Vegan, I recognize many of the things you have, though I haven't tried seaweed! I feel so much better though eating healthy foods, and am losing weight, stableizing my sugar, (diabetic) and more energetic. You will too it sounds like from what you're going to be eating! Good Luck!!

  9. I love to stop by and just drool over all the beautiful work you do! So gorgeous!

  10. Your bag is stunning - gorgeous - lovely colours.

    Wish I could say the same for your detox packets of food - but the oils and cream make up for it!


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