Monday, November 16, 2009

A few things before retiring for the evening....

I wanted to share a special card I received a few days ago. It was from a friend and fellow crazy quilter,Pam Kellogg, who has not been feeling quite herself for a while. I think of her often but did not want to "bother" her and here I receive a beautiful handmade card from her.

Pam slipped in some beautiful vintage laces from one of her antique outings. Although the card was beautiful and the laces extraordinary, I really felt happiest  knowing that she was feeling better.Pam, if you are online and reading this, THANK YOU so much for the thoughtful gifts. I am so happy you are doing well and appreciate you thinking of me in such a special way. Big hugs to you!

I received a lovely surprise from my friend Freda also..I must take a photo first, so I will save that for next post.
10 years ago if you told me that I would feel such a bond with women I have never met I would have laughed. These thoughtful gestures I receive makes me realize just how deeply women connect from the heart and this is why we hold our friendships as close as family. Protecting, respecting, and admiring special women we happen to graze wings with during our journey through life is truly a gift wrapped in the finest silken gauze we call our hearts. I hope you recognize these special chances when they are offered to you. These gifts are like non other and should not be taken for granted. 
Thank you Pam...thank you Freda....and thank all of you who have grazed my wings.


  1. I know I'm in a very sensitive mood tonight, but your posts are really getting to me! This is just beautiful, and yes, isn't it something how we can have such dear friends who we've never really met in real life. Your handmade card from Pam, is just gorgeous, a real treasure. I'm glad she's feeling better...You are just so talented Pat, and your entire blog is beautiful, not just the lovely artwork and vintage illustrations, but your words as well. Hugs, ;)

  2. Beedeebabee took the words right out of my fingers Pat, I agree with her whole heartedly. My blog friends are the most dearest there are. We all connect in so many ways and I'm forever grateful for the bonds that have formed with so many wonderful, talented, and truly caring women. What a blessing.

  3. Hi Pat,

    I'm so happy to know that you like your little surprise package!

    Yes, I am feeling better. It isn't gone yet and I know it'll be awhile but I can function now. I've been online more often, I'm blogging more and I'm reading my favorite blogs more. Most importantly, I'm thinking of my friends in blogland quite often and how they have helped through this very trying and uncomfortable experience.

    I so much enjoy your blog, your writing, your lovely images and most of all, your beautiful crazyquilting. I picked up a couple of issues of the Somerset Studio magazines just because they had your work in them.

    It's 6 am and I'm ready to run my sewing machine. That's a good sign!



  4. I LOVE Pam Kellogg!!! I am so glad she is feeling better.She is one of the first crazy quilters I found on line many years ago!


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