Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The dust is starting to settle

After tomorrow my life will begin to settle a bit. It has been hard not to commit myself to various events, but I knew it was time for some down time. I am looking forward to creating on a whim for no reason. I will offer one more class before the holidays then I'm taking a break to put full attention to family and friends.

Speaking of which, Friday I spent a fun day with Laney. We sat in the class studio and chatted for a bit then headed to the church resale shop where I found a nice heavy dome for my cake pedestal. One of the guys broke mine a couple years ago and I haven't thought to replace it until I spotted this one. Then we stopped at the antique mall in town where I found a vintage child's slip which I plan on altering. I have a few ideas, so you will have to be patient and see what becomes of it. After that we went to the Sawgrass marketplace (where I almost rented a spot to sell items). I wasn't too impressed, but all the vendors weren't set up on Friday. I'll check it again soon. We did end up finding pumpkin and cherry fudge (like we needed that). Anyway, we were in the mood for broccoli cheese soup so we went to Valpo and ate at Panera bread. Yum!
It was a fun venture of just hanging out together. We need more days like that...minus the fudge.

Saturday I helped to finish winterizing outside. A few things needed to be put away and although I mowed and blew leaves, you sure can't tell today. I am waiting for a warm sunny day and finish up. With no more leaves to fall, the yard should stay fairly neat.

On Sunday I went to Jilly's to help organize her threads. She is as bad (possibly worse) than me with her stash. We sat on her back deck and enjoyed fresh air and sunshine for about 4 hours. It was starting to cool down and DH wanted me to meet him at a store, so we finished what we had and made a good start to her organized fibers. I told her we won't stop until they are all ready for her to just grab a drawer or bin and stitch. She ordered a "kitchen sink" pizza and it really hit the spot. I felt a bit nauseated earlier in the morning so I was afraid to eat much. The next morning I was dreaming of it,LOL Thanks Jilly, that was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Mom had her other eye surgery on Monday. We are finished with that...yeah! She is very excited over her new view of her surroundings. I urge anyone contemplating cataract surgery to go do it yesterday!

I talked DH into seeing a chiropractor and was happy to have gotten him and appointment Monday afternoon. He said the Dr. cracked his back several times and his neck twice and he thought he was killing him...whoops! His second appointment is this afternoon. I do hope he feels an improvement. I am disappointed at his refusal to keep any other appointments, so I am taking things a day at a time. Possibly if the chiro can relieve his pain, he may want to settle the other issues which we still have not been confirmed but worries me.

Last night I attended the NANI meeting where I saw my sweet friends Karol and Marjorie and Jane among other ladies I have yet to know. Since I had my mother in laws seascape for the trunk show tomorrow, I took it with me for show and tell. Everyone loved it and wouldn't believe it was easier to do than it looks. One member came up and really made me feel welcome. I had to fill out a member sheet and I had written that I was a crazy quilter and wasn't sure if I fit in the Needle Artisans  of Northwest IN, but she assured me that everyone was infatuated with my work and I did fit in. I see everyone doing such fine intricate work on linen and such that I feel like the black sheep . Marjorie has told me it's all needlework, but I have this hang up because when I did cross stitch I know it is much more stressful and precise than crazy quilting. Apples and bananas :-) Well, I guess they are stuck with me now anyway,LOL.

I had better get busy, I have plenty do prepare for tomorrow's presentation and more bliss kits to add to artfire and sitting here isn't helping. I hope all goes well tomorrow..I am feeling a bit nervous for some reason. Have a great day.


  1. No worries, your presentation will be wonderful. Sounds like you are a busy gal. If you have a moment, stop by my blog and leave a comment to enter into my 100th Post Giveaway. Sea Witch

  2. Hi Pat it was so nice to see you last night. I'm really glad you are not a cross stitcher or needle-pointer. We have enough of those! We need to learn new and different ways of stitching.
    See you in December I hope!

  3. It is lovely to keep busy - but nice sometimes, as you mentioned to have some 'down' and 'me' time.

    Sounds like you a some fun packed days too.

    Hope all goes well for DJ with the Chiro. It often is sore for a while, the hey presto - you are more mobile - and then, like a headache, you suddenly realise the pain is gone!

  4. So glad things are working out for you and your DH. A little down time sounds so good right about now. Take care friend. Sharon

  5. I find I also have to schedule down time. I NEED it and know it!
    Look forward to seeing how well it goes tomorrow and how you know you really needn't be anxious!

  6. I'm glad to read that things will be slowing down a bit for you. It will be a nice relief.

    My parents all said the same thing about cataract surgery. Isn't it wonderful that something like that can be done so easily now?

  7. Thanks for the encouraging words about cataract surgery. My DH is going to have the procedure just as soon as his back is taken care of.
    Next week he'll have vertebroplasty, which will correct his compression fracture of one of his vertabra and get rid the the pain he has been experiencing this past three weeks.
    Am looking forward to your treatment of the vintage slip.
    Treatment? I must be too into medical procedures.

  8. Pat we love having you in NANI you are an inspiration to alot of us. We need to see needle arts in all forms. You don't know how many have asked to see if I could get you to teach a class sometime! I just did not want to bombard you right off the bat. But maybe in the future. Best wishes for your trunk show tonight!!!! Will you be adding the lampshades to your classes in the future?

  9. I've been taking some down time also! Just finishing up a watercolor quilt for my mom's bday. Taking a break from the Yahoo groups and swapping and getting some things done that I've been wanting to do... And of course you'll fit in with the group! They'll all be inspired and be doing crazy quilting before they know what hit them!!! :D Marva

  10. Hi Pat: Welcome to NANI! Needlework of all kinds are welcome : )

  11. You sure have been busy and really could use the down time. Hope your holidays are peaceful.


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