Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Detox? Me? (somewhat boring personal stuff)

Well, I am going to do it! Today I went to the Health food store and loaded the cart with supplements and foods to start the detox diet for 7 days . I will start this on Sunday. Why? As I was surfing blogs last week I read Sandy's post and found it interesting. I ordered the books and magnesium citrate she suggested. The books arrived yesterday and I browsed through and decided I had to give it a try. Especially after being sick , I thought it would be a perfect time to rid myself of toxins. One of the books came with yoga cards and handy suggestions to guide you through your detox journey. I'm actually looking forward to it, but then I haven't given up sugar or bread yet! Yikes!

I do want to share my observation that eating healthy is quite expensive. I see now why the majority of Americans are unhealthy. It is too convenient and economical to eat garbage. You pay less for instant,processed, fat and sugar filled products than you do with natural products not containing these things. I'm not on a soapbox and I am not claiming to be a healthy eater. I'm  guilty of the fast food, processed garbage. I consume my fair share. I am saying that this must change. If I can do this for a week and still create, than I will try to work more healthy eating into my life. I owe this to me. Another good example  or two...my friend Karen started weight watchers and is doing very well. WW works, I proved it to myself. It doesn't detox you but the weight melted off. Another friend, Leslie, has a healthy lifestyle and her complexion is like porcelain, she has energy and is thin, well, tiny actually. She is positive and happy every time I see her. I believe it is her diet and daily routine. The only thing I would want to change in my life is my eating habits. I can handle exercise, but then I think it is alright to "treat" myself to a bit of garbage, and in most cases I do. Always feeling guilty and regretful afterward. Not good.  So, I will keep you informed, and share my results in case anyone else wants to give it a try. Thank you Sandy for sharing that post, and yeah for your progress!

Now on to something a lot more interesting and fun! A new project... I've always loved the lady blowing bubbles.

I thought she would be perfect on a clutch. Colors will be gold, green, and deep red for the Holidays.....blowing bubbles to celebrate the New Year? Whatever, just something fun to work on in different colors.

 I will also get to use some of my new velvet leaves. Oh how I love velvet leaves!

 Yesterday mom phoned and asked if I had heard it was going to snow on Thanksgiving...I told her to get her coat on , we were going to the beach. I hung up and 7 minutes later we were headed for the beach. The weather was so much nicer than we thought it would be. It was a really nice walk and we both agreed we desperately needed the fresh air. We both found some treasures although I didn't photograph mine yet. I will sadly miss the beach walks as Winter approaches. Each year it is like having to leave an old friend behind. Long months ahead...time for lots of projects.
Take care!


  1. oh Pat ! I am so thrilled for you

    If you CAN try to go the extra week and make it a two week process

    I know day three you will say FORRGET IT no way two weeks !

    but I noticed more and more benefit the longer I went on

    But it is HARD the first few days and that first week.

    Its not HARD so much as BORING (laffing)

    But you can do it and I promise I noticed a huge difference in my health and body in general

    (not to mention the wonder of the weight loss)

    Just go slow and be kind to yourself

    Have support with your family - you have to concentrate on YOU for this

    And you are right - it's pricey ! just to get all the supplements and veggies !

    One more tiny thing if you are not totally thru with me and my advice here is that I really tried not to put pressure on myself to do it all exactly this first time thru like in the book / in the box / cards

    I mean I did stick to the diet but I didn't always do the exercises and I didn't do the journalling - tho that would be a really interesting way to go
    and next time I will (going to do it again after holidays) and I was fitting this in with my regular work schedule , so you know...some things had to give.

    I just told myself I would do it at least five days and if I could , I would go seven days and if I made that then I would decide if I was going the fourteen days, and then decide if I was going the full twenty one. I stopped about day seventeen.

    Oh and one more thing ! that little book with the diet is good because it really has a few more interesting ways to eat / recipes AND it has info about reintroducing foods back into your diet. I didn't follow that part as strictly as I should have and it would be a HUGE help in narrowing down what is actually not working for me and my system. But , like I said, NEXT TIME i do it more to the letter.

    Oh good luck and if you want / need support - I am here (HEAR) and all ears and heart.

    GO PAT !


    It's worth it and I loved your statement that YOU ARE WORTH IT to try this.


    And we all have to change our eating to run better.

    It's like our filters have just had enough and can't help us with the crud we keep shovelling into them anymore.

    I am also with you on what a crime it is that we dont have more affordable healthy foods.

    Something is really wrong there.

    Whewwww. I totally filled up your comments section. Hope that was not rude !


  2. LOL! No Sandy, not rude at all. I was hoping to hear from you. DH is on board and is expecting me to be a bit irritated around day three. I am a sugar-aholic,carbs...breads. I bought vegetable I can't even spell, brown rice, almond milk, etc. I am ready for Sunday! I will journal and blog because I think it is going to be successful. Even just the "feeling good" part. I so need to get in tune,LOL.
    Thanks so much.

  3. Hey Pat,

    I think most Americans eat a lot of "bad" stuff...me included. I'm completely hooked on sugar in the form of baked goods. I don't often eat fast food for several reasons = it adds up cost wise, and I hate to add to their profits selling animal meat for less than it costs to produce it (one of my little soapboxes in the animal rights area.)

    Keep us posted and encouraged. I guess we could all do it if we just took it a day at a time. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. It sounds like you have your work cut out for you. I'm not sure that I could do it at holiday time. Good luck.

  5. good luck with the new healthy body start- i would find cutting out breat really hard!!...i have started many 'good intensions' but i have not been very successfull lately and its great to read your blog and feel, understand what its about and what its like. i want to loose 2 stone- my new year resolution will be that!! hehe
    i love all your crafting bits and pieces i see lots of wonderful projects! ;0)x your blog is always a joy to see ;0)x

  6. Hi Pat,
    Good for you...
    You will feel amazing for sure.
    I worked for Weight Watchers for 14 years. They really do have the best program. I lost 40 pounds with them and kept it off.
    When I got sick and had to be on prednisone I gained 25 pounds through no fault of my own.That darned drug!!
    Anyway I have been off the meds since June this year and my weight is back to normal. I really have to watch it as I am a diabetic.. I'm like you and my sweet tooth is more like a fang!!!! However when I was on program I used Friday as my "Treat" day and gave me something to look forward to.
    Anyway Back to you.... I will be interested in seeing your progress.
    I do agree all good healthy things seem to be so expensive. Just like sugar free for diabetics... High prices.. Oh well what better can we invest in but our good health.... My husband does all the shopping and he grumbles about the prices of fruits and vegetables.... but he buys them anyway 'cause he knows I will be after him!! VBG
    Now about your beautiful Bubble lady and all the trimmings.. It will be a fabulous bag when you are finished..Your fabric is wonderful and I LOVE the velvet leaves..I have some to that I haven't used yet.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.. It is always a treat to have you visit,,,


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