Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 2

Day 2:The broth wasn't too bad however I will not use seaweed for the next batch. I am not a fish eater (unless it is heavily disguised) and the strong "organic sea" taste was a stomach turner. I held my nose, which always works for me. Then I breathe from my mouth so I don't taste anything until after several drinks of water.
I think I am being a big baby over this whole thing. Like a big spoiled, want it to taste good, baby. I feel fine though, and although I am not doing this for weight loss, I do feel lighter. I am not getting on the scale until next Saturday. I know I will lose because I am not really eating ,LOL. I feel a little slower than usual but am not lethargic as I had expected to be. I am hoping to get the hang of the menu by tomorrow. I am ashamed to admit I know I won't stay on this longer than a week. I will do it again in six months, and try for 21 days as suggested. I still want sugar, but the brown rice tastes sweet to me now and it tastes like heaven. Sandy was right, it never tasted so good. If I could just get past the protein powder shakes I would be happier. I'm going to buy some strawberries and blueberries today.
I haven't done the yoga but I still do my 1 hour bike ride and some stretches as in Pilate's. I do drink my green tea without sugar or honey or stevia. That is kinda hard but doable.

Someone asked what I expected to gain from this detox. Well, As I said before, I know I will lose a few pounds but that isn't my goal. I really wanted to cleanse my body, even if only a weeks worth. Giving myself a fresh start kind of. I am curious as to how I will feel afterward.

I did pick a terrible time to start because DH is on his one month vacation (started Thanksgiving day)and of course the Holidays are upon us and I do like to bake the traditional goodies. I am hoping I will not "crave" sugar next Sunday. That would be awesome.

As much as I have complained, I want to stress the point that  I'm sharing my truthful experience but I still would recommend anyone to try this for at least a week. It can't harm you in any way, and who knows, you may like it. The broth really fills you and is a bit thick, as if it had gelatin in it. I used rutabaga, turnips, parsnips, carrots, ginger,seaweed,sea salt,and sweet potatoes. You boil all of those cut up veggies in 10 cups of filtered water and drain them discarding the veggies. I thought of pureeing them for soup stock later but tossed them into the compost because of the seaweed. It seemed like such a waste but the nutrients were all extracted.

I am looking forward to a small bit of chicken breast in my broth this afternoon. Last night I was thinking how lucky w were that we didn't have to eat this way every day. This country is so very spoiled and wasteful. It is mind blowing when you think of other countries and the rice they eat as daily meals. Sorry, didn't mean to go there. Just a thought weighing on my mind.

Did you see...Shabby Blogs have their Holiday goodies ready to use. They even had a purple one for me :-)
Have a great day and know that I am not suffering....too much ;-}


  1. I love reading your thoughts as I felt the same way and it's very validating !

    I had more greens in my broth and threw in onion and garlic and ginger - just sayin incase that helps with next batch...carrots make it sweeter too.

    It IS really interesting how filling that broth is, isn't it?

    Laughed over the brown rice...

    Sounds like you get plenty of exercise and dont need the yoga (necessarily)

    Hope it's ok to keep adding my fifty five cents, I am just so tickled to read all of this and be cheering you on.

    I felt THE SAME WAY and SAID THE SAME thing - I am NOT doing this longer than a week if I even make it that long....!!!! but somehow, I dont know, once I got to five days, I pushed thru the weekend to seven days and then I thought, oh why not !

    But I didn't have holidays.

    I did go to this memorial dinner function

    I was dizzy with all the plates of food whizzing around me

    but I was good

    stuck it out with rice and veggies

    and my broccoli had salted butter and BAM !

    after six days of not doing anything but the strict detox it was AMAZING how first my tongue reacted to the taste (yummiest thing I ever had !) and then how I could feel my body pick it up and I felt funny. It was very interesting.

    Then DESSERT came....Right at that moment everyone at my table had to leave to change clothes for a performance and I was LEFT surrounded by twelve brownie & ice cream topped with whipped cream plates of TEMPTATION.

    It was a lot to take.


    Love, S.

    ps NO no no, no ashame in this at any point

    Just starting it was HUGE and if after three days , enough is enough, thats just what it is !

    Its just fantastic you are trying it ! and I think no matter what you do , its all happening just as it's supposed to for You.

  2. still laughing about you sneaking up on your broth !

  3. Pat, it's true. We waste so much in this country! At home here, we don't. We only prepare enough to eat at one time. We don't have leftovers unless it's a crockpot or casserole that we plan to use for the next 2-3 days. We don't throw food away in our house.

    When we go to a restaurant, we're appalled at how much food they serve one person on one plate. It's no wonder Americans are obese! We don't NEED that much food! We rarely order dessert either. It's difficult enough to eat healthy foods when eating out, so to add dessert to a thank you!

    But I totally understand your craving for sugar! I do enjoy a sm. piece of candy after a meal! Although we don't keep it in our house. It's still a craving of mine. Truly an addiction! I could easily weigh much more than I do if we purchased sugars, but we don't. We totally avoid even walking down those aisles in the grocery store.

    Self discipline! What a very, very difficult thing! But good health and lower weight are definitely the reward! Clothes shopping is also not a depressing endeavor either!

    Hugs and congratulations to you on your courage to do this!

  4. I admire you for doing this Pat. I hope you really feel GREAT after the week.


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