Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 1

Well........I hope I do but...I don't know if I have the will power to take on this detox diet.I want to journal every detail for those thinking about doing this. Keep in mind this is only my opinion and reaction to this process. Everyone's likes and dislikes vary and I do think it will be worth it in the end....otherwise I surely would not be doing this. I will keep my experience sugar coating here...mmmmmmm I will miss you.

After taking the quiz's and finding I was in the low range of the toxic zone, I felt better yet was hoping I was worse so I would feel more results. That is quite silly isn't it? I should be very happy that I'm not as bad off as I thought.

Day one:Honestly,I feel like I just rode through a dust storm with my mouth wide open. I now know that I do not like rice protein powder. The grainy taste that lingers is awful. That is the same reason why I don't care for legumes. I thought the extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice would be wasn't. I added half of a frozen banana and peaches to my ultra did add a tinge of sweetness which I was thankful. I really want an orange......................

I'm looking forward to brown rice, but not so much the ultra broth. Just cooking it made me queasy. During the next few days I plan on altering the recipe to suit my tastes and still stay in the menu allowances. Oh geez what am I doing?

Sandy......oh Sandy.....


  1. Never tried protein powder myself, but I suppose it's one of those things that has a secret trick to preparing it so that it is acceptable. (trying to be encouraging here) :-)

  2. Oh Pat here's to will power! I do hope you really get the results you are hoping for after experiencing such a detox process. Keep Crazy Quilting and your mind off yucky tastes. :O)

  3. At the end of your 'torture' you will be so pleased with your sylph-like body that it will have been worth all the effort

  4. My only question Pat, is this leading up to a diet or is this the diet? When you are done detoxing, do you go back to eating the way you were, or is there something more? Just don't want to see you torturing yourself then gaining back what you've lost when you go back to eating normal. So I guess the question is, what is detoxing?

  5. you are DOING GREAT !

    LAughing tho

    laugh laugh laughing (with you - not at you)

    Art Esprit Susan is starting this weekend / today too !

    I know...the shake , wanting to add orange.

    It wont be earth shattering - the differences right away.

    And I dont think I hated it QUITE as much as you do the very first day ! (chuckling here)


    ok I know I know

    Sugar plums dance thru your head ---wah.

    The shake was....boring. I agree.

    Yep, its not an exciting regime. Totally agree.

    Get thru day three and !!! keep chewing.

    Doesn't it feel like you are constantly trying to chew thru the next meal - greens greens greens

    I didn't think the veggie broth was so bad ! it filled me up and the vitamin content seemed to be just what my body needed

    ALTHOUGH i didn't feel that way until later, looking back.


    It's just awesome that you are DOING IT

    Doing it for your BOD. It will Thank You.

    (Sent you some emails)

    xoxoxox- SO THINKING OF YOU

    I have been checking in and checking in.

    Thrilled to see.....notes.


    ps. YOU CAN DO THIS - you know you can !

  6. ps ! I did add a peach every morning combined with whatever fruit in the shake - strawberries most of the times

    I didn't use bananas because I didn't think I was "allowed"

    oh what a diff a banana makes ! creamy/sweet

  7. pss Brown rice never tasted SO GOOD - by the time you get there it really is a treat !

  8. Good luck Pat! I've done a detox diet a time or two and it's not fun...especially for the first few days when your body craves those items and you feel hung over. Stick with it though... it does get better!
    Thinking about you!


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