Monday, November 23, 2009

Correct answer... mystery project revealed!

Well, those were some good guesses ladies. The two that pegged it as a holder for a beverage was Linda H who thinks it is for a flask and Cathy K said a water bottle. It is for a water bottle. You rarely see me without my water bottle and A few years ago I found a water bottle holder at CVS drug store. It has a short strap on it and is not too attractive. So....while I was laying around the past few days the thought of making a crazy quilted holder  with a small pocket on the back for aspirin, allergy meds, lipstick,chap stick,wet wipes, etc. It would be great to take to the health club while working out, or to throw over your shoulder at quilt shows, the movies, any outing really. Tuck some cash or credit card in the back pocket and you are good to go.

I made the pattern by tracing a vintage sewing machine drawer. It had a great rounded front edge just the right size to fit a water bottle. To the lining fabric I used fusible vinyl so it would keep the condensation from soaking the crazy quilted front. I still have to attach the strap and back lace pocket but the bottle fits nicely and no more tossing a wet bottle in your purse to soak any receipts or cell phone etc.

I may hold off on the neck cord until I check Joann fabrics for an adjustable strap.
So Linda and will receive a Bliss kit! Congrats, and thank you all for guessing!


  1. Pat what a great idea, and so pretty for something so practical. I would have thought a water bottle, but the condensation on the bottle threw me off. Who would have thought of using vinyl for the lining! Very creative, I love it!

  2. It's the most beautiful water bottle holder I've ever seen. It would work for a bottle of soda as well.Your work just blows me away!

  3. Brilliant idea - and well done to the winners

  4. So beautiful Pat! And such a clever and creative idea! I love seeing your completed projects.

  5. Great idea and congrats to the winners!

  6. WOW!! Can't believe I won. I had thought of a water bottle too, but also was thinking of the condensation..
    So, I guess you'll need my snail mail addy? I'll email it to you
    Thanks so much Pat

  7. Everywhere you carry this, Pat, you are going to get stopped and asked about it! It's definitely an attention-getter! Beautiful!

  8. Woo-hoo! I'm so excited! The reason I thought of water bottle is because I've been drinking more water the last several weeks and wanted to come up with an enhanced holder myself! :-) The vinyl interior sounds like a great idea. Like Linda, I'll send you my address. Thanks, Pat!! Hugs, Cathy


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