Sunday, November 08, 2009

Catching up

Thursday's CQ presentation/Trunk show went well. I had a great group of ladies from the Country Cut-ups quilt guild. They even served me dinner! Susie, the gal who invited me to present last year is so sweet, and I think she has the CQ bug now. When her hand feels better, watch out! It was a busy evening and I totally forgot to take pictures. :-(

I am settling in now for a few weeks of stitching on the wall hanging pieces. Tomorrow I start tearing apart the studio upstairs and rearranging it. I hope to get rid of a lot of things I am not using. Perhaps the church shop will get a load. I made notes to update the look a bit....make shabby chair covers for the two office chairs, move work table to center of room, have DH make another bead wall unit (Whoops! I ended up at Trade Winds for more beads yesterday), Build block storage along one or two walls, organize my hiney off! I am taking this week off to do the update so I should be ready to delve in to the wall hanging and coast through Christmas, then do the other and I am a free woman! It has been two years since I could say those words. It is feeling great already. I may squeeze in a CQ stocking class............

Yesterday I was in a dilemma....I told my friend who was in town meeting other friends that I would be home because she wanted to see the class studio, but I found myself with an opportunity to escape for a much anticipated excursion with Laney. However, I didn't have her phone number and could only email much too late for her to possibly get it before departing home.

It was such a nice day that the devil on my shoulder told me to go. So I gathered a few goodies in an envelope and wrote a note, unlocked the studio and left the note on the door. When I got home the envelope was still on the door. Yikes! I think I am in deep trouble. I certainly didn't mean to imply my friends visit wasn't important, but I also had waited on this outing forever. I wish I had known just a day earlier. I don't know how to make this up to her, if she is even speaking to me anymore. When I look at it from her view, I would not be happy.  What have I done?

I did have fun and was able to vent a lot, which I needed to do. Poor Laney! You know the feeling when you haven't been on an outing with a good friend and you both feel buzzed because there is so much to share? That was us yesterday. We giggled like school girls and talked non stop...I slept well last night from exhaustion.

While in St. Joe, I drove down to the beach. It was a perfect day for an outing. Gorgeous!

 I wanted to see the new carousel they are building. It is housed in this neat building still under construction. I can't wait to see it in action next Spring.

 I will take mom and sit in the swing where I sat with dad. Can you see it up on the hill to the right? Perhaps Laney will ride on it with me???

 After attending the shows where I ran in to sweet Leslie ,(who had emailed the Saturday events or I would have missed them) found a beautiful painted ice skate (photos next post) we took a trip to Watervliet..yes, beads!!!!!!! I found some new colors for the CQ wall hanging and a few others for my stash. I snapped a pic of Laney absorbed in bead wonderland.

Afterward Laney treated me to lunch at Panera...our fav! We enjoyed a delicious smoked turkey Panini and mac-n-cheese.......yes, we know how many calories we ate! We feel we walked and laughed them off, so ?????
We stopped at a few quaint shops on the way home and then walked downtown New Buffalo. I saw a few clothing items I may go back for...cute things!

(Laney contemplating whether we should go in for a browse).

The house was quiet when I arrived home. Angell greeted me with her legs crossed....she darted past me to potty and then came back to welcome me home. DS was off with friends and DH was having dinner at a Japanese place his mom wanted to try out so I unpacked my things,drew a bubble bath,slipped into comfy jammies then had a cup of tea then bathed Angell ...which she wasn't too happy about. After DH arrived home I watched a bit of TV with him and slipped off to slumber-ville. Slept like a rock.

I still can't get the little pink house off my mind. I would love to have a walk though. Laney and I both agreed we could easily live there!

FYI~ The Pink House in New Buffalo Michigan is a vacation house for year round is your chance to take a peek for all who adore it...219-923-5997.
Have a great weekend.


  1. You are always sooo busy! :) Love the pink house. Love trunk shows too. Just went to a SAQA trunk show and made my heart pitter patter even more for art quilts. Thanks for visitin my blog.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day. Glad that you where able to spend time with your friend that was what I was able to do also and it does put things back right. The pink house is adorable!!! Good luck with your remodel.

  3. You did the right thing by going and having a great time. The weather was perfect and all's well.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and are all recharged which is a very good thing (said in my best Martha voice). Your plans for the studio sound awesome, can't wait to see photos.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings


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