Monday, November 09, 2009

Another beautiful day!

We lucked out with another beautiful day here in NW Indiana. I took mom shopping this morning and when I got home I jumped on the mower, blew leaves into the woods,gathered Sweet Annie and Cosmo seeds, and enjoyed another superb and unusually warm day outside.

Since I finished my studio cleaning last night, I thought I would spiff it up a bit and make slip covers for the ugly office chairs. I only keep them because they are comfy and on wheels.  I am not good at sewing,(really I am not a machine sewer) and didn't know where to start, but managed to whip up two slip covers. Today I found some pretty quilted white fabric on sale at Joann's for $5.00 and grabbed it all. They don't look great, but they look comfy and no longer dark manly seats and you can't beat the price!

Friday I received another order from Mary not Martha. I really love her offerings.

This is my skate from the Craft show in St. Joe.

 I fell in love with it and decided it will sit in my studio year round, not just for the Holidays.

Oh how I wish I could paint!
I am loving the new arrangement in the studio. Easy access to everything. I will try to remember to take pics tomorrow although it may look the same to viewers :-)
Have a great evening!


  1. Dear Pat,

    Cleaning studio in a day. Wow, that is fast. I think even if I take a month and it would not be finished.
    The chair covers look great to me. I wouldn't know where to start.
    The ice skate is so lovely an appropriate for the season.
    Glad you enjoyed the lovely weather for some gardening.


  2. Nice job on the chair covers, Pat. Love that skate! You could change the flowers seasonally........

  3. For a non sewer you did a great job!!!! Love the ice skate!!!!
    Great to hewr that all is well!

  4. Pat, your slipcovers are fantastic!!! I do machine sew but I don't think I could have done that good of a job. I love the skate! It reminds me of a pair of victorian looking off-white boots that I painted roses on for an art fundraiser... wish I'd kept one. Oh well, will have to find another pair.

  5. What a transformation with the chair covers - gives them a Victorian air and I am sure really suit your home.

    I am picturing your on a sit and ride on mower - having the time of your life blowing leaves into the woods - lapping up every last minute of the beautiful Autumnal weather - lots of happy memories to store up for the long winter days to come. Sounds idyllic.

    My the gorgeous boot should never ever be put away. I would pick it up on a daily basis and just look, and smell, and admire it.

    Great new stash - can't wait to see wheat transpires over the winter months.

    In case you are wondering why I haven't got going yet on my Crazy Quilting journey yet - it is because I, like you and soaking up the sounds and smells of outside autumn whilst I can, and my quilting journey will start when I am marooned indoors, on a cold winter day, sitting in my lounge as the weather batters the patio doors! Hmm almost worth looking forward too - but not quite - I am not one to 'wish my life away' LOL



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