Thursday, October 29, 2009

Treasures from the shore and etsy.....

After picking up some tests from the Dr. this morning I phoned mom and asked if she was ready for a beach walk....she was! It was so nice to escape the leaves in the yard, the Dr. calls, the UFO's, and any unfinished housework. The weather man promised plenty of sunshine today.....he must have been drinking because there wasn't even enough for a good vitamin D dose :-) It didn't matter because the temp was mild and the beach walk was so very pleasant. We even sat for a while and inhaled deeply, as we both know our beach days are numbered for this year. It wasn't the best summer for the beach, but next year I don't plan on painting  as much, if any rentals. You can never get back your time as you know, and I sure felt like I missed my whole summer. So not worth it!!!!!
On a happy note, the mermaid's tears were plentiful as you can see along with a few Crinoids, shells, and MOP bits.

This was the first trip to the beach for mom with her improved vision. She was amazed at what all she had been missing and found several pieces of glass. Her next eye is scheduled for next Monday. Yeah!!! After a few minutes of strolling the shore I commented that dad hasn't "visited" in quite a while and he had better stop in to say hi....then low and behold!!!! I found three blue pieces within 5 minutes. Small but good enough!
It was a very nice walk and much needed by both of us.

In my mail I found an order from etsy. As you know, I enjoy sharing a great seller when I find one, and this one is tops.Not that I NEED to, but I love to find bits and pieces of different stash items for my crazy quilting and last week I discovered the etsy shop called, "Mary, not Martha".

I wanted a lot of things she offered but chose only a few goodies to satisfy my muse. I found some unique trims, and I love velvet leaves and have been hunting for this color for a while. They are gorgeous!

 The seller even slipped in some extras after she learned I was a crazy quilter.The little velvet pansy is adorable and I could not believe she gave slipped it in because I love pansies.That was super sweet. I will be shopping there again and hope you will give her shop a look see. Super fast shipping too! Thank you "Mary, not Martha"!!!

I was in the class studio this afternoon gathering things for my trunk show and realized I didn't share my new pin cushion I had received from Jilly for my birthday. It was another sweet bird from Laurie of " Charming Designs". A pink one for the class. It is on a silver spoon and so sweet.

Thanks again Jilly!

After dinner I worked on leaf removal for a while, until it started raining. I should have started sooner because I knew rain was in the forecast. Oh well, my yard doesn't look great but I did get some exercise! Then I blew the leaves and twigs off the back deck so now I smell like gasoline....I am off to soak with a cup of tea and my new issue of Inspirations....the little seahorse and pansies are begging to be stitched!!!!

Have a great evening and wonderful Friday!


  1. Glad that you were able to get away for a bit and enjoy the time.

    I will have to check out that ETSY shop and see what she has.

    I also love the sweet pincushions - sooooo cute.

  2. I loved all your beautiful goodies. Those velvet leaves are gorgeous! Such pretty trims and I agree, the pansey was nice. Glad you and your mom had a good walk at the beach, and nice the your dad stopped in for a visit. Mother comes to visit ever now and then in one of my dreams. Nice to hear from them and know all is well.
    We are suppose to have good weather for the next week so maybe my next sale will be a good one. Just need to work and get it all ready.
    Hope you have a great night!
    Hugs, Pat

  3. What pretty things Pat! I love the little birds in the spoons.
    I haven't been down to the beach in so long, I need to do that.

  4. So nice to see you had a good day and beach walk. Love your new CQ stash items. I also love your "Mermaid Tears" you are so lucky to find.

  5. So glad you had a chance to relax and enjoy a walk on the beach. I'm going to have to look at that etsy shop! Have a Great week!!

  6. How wonderful to have such a lovely time on the beach - and I can just picture the sheer pleasure on your mother's face as she realised how good her eyesight was now.

    You really found some wonderful treasures and there is nothing like the smell of the ocean to gladden your heart is there?

    Off to check out the etsy site - love the look of velvet leaves.

    Have a wonderful weekend


  7. What wonderful things you found at Mary not Martha! I saw quite a few things I will have to order too! Thanks for the link. Hoping all is well with hubby and keeping you both in my prayers. Marva

  8. What glorius treasue you and your mother found. I am envious. I enjoyed my cold, damp, windswept beach walks while in New England two weeks ago. There is something about the beach, no matter the time of year or the climate...such renewing power in all of it. Sea Witch

  9. There is nothing like a walk on the beach for a cure all. You sure found some pretties!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Pat, it was nice visiting with you here again. I love the name of the etsy shop.

    Quite a beach haul!



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