Sunday, October 04, 2009

Four more CQ addicts in the world....

Can you see me hunched over , wild eyed, with a wide smile while wringing my hands and being blissfully content in knowing there are now four more crazy quilt addicts in the world? Yes, it is true! Their names are Pat Shalks, Diane Cademartori, Alison Wojcik, and Pat Resler, my students from yesterdays CQ class. They worked hard and were naturals at CQ.

Mother and daughter played well together :-)Alison's mom, Diane, does beautiful tatting...lucky girl! I can imagine Diane will keep busy tatting motifs and seam embellishments for a very long time.

Decisions, looks beautiful Pat!

Hmmmm..should I use another image or save it for another project?

 Smiling faces = new crazy quilt addicts! Look out world!

 It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed these friendly, creative ladies. It was a privilege to introduce them to CQ. Their blocks all turned out so pretty and I think they enjoyed themselves and will now be looking for additional stash.  I must  go now and pack up the house for our move before their husbands arrive with weapons. Oh dear!

Thank you Pat,Diane,Alison,and Pat for a wonderful day of sharing my passion with you. Now, back to work! :-)


  1. Oh wha fun you had with your first class to christen the CQ studio!!! They sure look happy and why wouldn't they be???? So neat to meet someone out in the world who still knows how to tatt!!! Hopefully that incredible skill will not be lost forever!!!
    So glad that your class was a sucess- I just knew that it would be a grand hit!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I know Diane!!!
    I love her and her blog and her tatting!!! Oh how I wish I lived closer and could come to one of your fun meetings! Such talented girls you all are! Have a great Sunday!...What a small world! Hugs, Paulette ;)

  3. What great fun Pat! And we're next week, this just makes the anticipation even greater!! Can't wait!

  4. Diane was there? Ha! Well, I hope to see what she learned on her blog soon!

  5. Pat, we all had a wonderful time! Dave and I just got back from shopping, and I managed to talk him into taking me to Michaels. I didn't find much, but every little bit helps!

    Paula, when you decide to make the trip to Pat's, let me know and I'll be there too! It's well worth the trip!

  6. Glad everyone had such a wonderful - how envious I am!


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