Friday, October 16, 2009

Finishing projects...playing the waiting game

This week I will have spent 4 out of 5 days in a Dr.s office/hospital playing the waiting game. What does a crazy quilter do with idle time? Well.....I finished two projects that I needed to get done asap.

This velvet mint and purple purse is for my dear friend Wendy in Singapore.Not that I need a reason to create for a sweet woman, but she did a great favor for me recently and I had promised to make more of the little velvet ladies purses, which I never got around to....sorry Wendy. Well, I did it, this one is complete however I don't want to reveal all until she receives it. She purchased a beautiful carved bone clasp and I want her to see it first. It will be mailed today.

The other project has been worked on when I stole a few minutes from life.

I started this months ago on a day I couldn't stop smiling and last night I finished it.

I gathered my favorite and purple.......

 then my favorite threads and embellishments.......

I actually used a shape I borrowed from a designer purse online. I was so surprised it all came together from a not so good drawing. The dragonfly became the know there had to be a dragonfly somewhere right? :-)

I must gather another project for yet another waiting room visit. DH has another CT scan this morning. Something not right with the MRI yesterday...yes, I know I am jumping the gun with worry. Last night's nervous energy sent me on a creative spree. I couldn't fully function so my muse took over. She is good that way.
This week has been one stress after another but I am hanging in there. Next week will be the same...many appointments. Positive vibes sent my way are welcome :-)

My childhood girlfriend is visiting IL and IN with her DH next week and was hoping to stop by however we will be in and out and I have no way to plan for her visit. I put off contacting her until I knew this was certain. How sad not getting to see her after so many years. Our last visit was when we moved here 19 years ago. I will have to try to contact her today someway. Our emails are not going through to each other. How frustrating.
I won't be online much and probably won't be posting for a while. I hope to check emails when possible.

Life is like a box of chocolates,ya never know what your gonna get!


  1. I love that CQ purse. You have such a great eye for color combinations. Sending you lots of positive vibes for you and your DH. I don't recall ever commenting before, but I have been visiting your blog for some time. It is very inspiring. I understand why you may not be able to post for awhile, but I will be checking every day to see when you are back!

  2. Sorry to hear of your 'medical' situation. We are just ending a medical saga and am very pleased to send along our positive thoughts to you and yours and will continue to do so.
    Just remember to breath once in a while.
    Love to you and yours.

  3. Dear Pat your work is so very beautiful. Thank goodness for your muse helping you. Definitely sending positive prayers for a swift and excellent outcome for your DH. Keep CQing!!!

  4. Pat, my thoughts and prayers are with you and hubby....beautiful work your getting completed thou!


  5. My prayers are with you all and I so hope that things turn out well. The tests and waiting put so much pressure on you all doesn't it.

    You work is stunning, and I am so glad that you have something to concentrate on at this worrying time.

  6. Your muse has done you proud - as always! Please know that you and yours are always on the receiving end of my positive vibes, and especially so now.

  7. Beautiful purse.I do hope things go well-I know its not fun waiting for tests. Sending you positive vibes-always--Leslie

  8. Hi dear friend, I am vibing up just for you and your DH. I wish I was closer I'd make you some special soup. The waiting game just plain stinks but I know in my heart all will be ok. Sending you positive vibes, Sharon and Teddy sends high paws too.

  9. The waiting game is not a fun one, Pat, but please know that you have lots of folks out here sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Take care. Hugs and blessings, too.

  10. Hi Pat, I believe in Karma, so I'm sure everything will turn out well for you both. Stitching is the best medicine, and when it produces something as beautiful as this purse it's really uplifting for all of us too. Thanks for sharing, all the best to DH and of course to you.
    Christine in sunny Sydney Australia.

  11. Praying ALL IS WELL ~ dear one.
    Be at peace~ anything less won't help anyway so just let sweet peace fill your heart!
    The purse is positivly BREATHTAKING!
    Feel this BBBIIIIGGGG HUG!
    Lots of Love,

  12. Sending good vibes and prayers your way Pat, hang in there. Tell DH all will be well.
    I love this purse by the way, your attention to detail is fantastic.

  13. Dear Pat,
    Just came by for a visit as I always do. every day. Sorry to hear of the waiting at the doctors and hospital. I hope everything turns up well. Happy to hear that stitching helps a little.

    I love what I see of the velvet purse. All good things are worth the wait. Thanks so much! Hope you get to see your childhood friend next week. All positive vibes sent your way from half way round the world to you and your DH.

  14. Pat - I am always in awe of your work! This is so beautiful! Hope all goes well with your DH, will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Marva

  15. OH I just love the purse, it's beautiful!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  16. Pat,
    I love the purse, gorgeous colors!Good thoughts for hubby! Waiting rooms are good for lots of work on CQ that is for sure!

  17. Hi Pat, Keeping your hubby in my thoughts and prayers...That purse is so gorgeous! Sending a big hug, Paulette :)

  18. Oh, Pat, the shape of the flap takes this to the next level! So pretty!

  19. Hi Pat, Your work is stunning - very inspirational! Both of these purses are very beautiful!!!


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