Sunday, October 04, 2009

Catwright sequins

I just had to post  about my favorite source for sequins.I've been ordering from Cartwright's for many years and am always 100% satisfied.I placed my order earlier in the week and it arrived on Friday .I was so excited to have found the tiny sequins I have been searching for right here at Cartwright's. I am thrilled with their offerings and the service can't be beat. My orders arrive so quickly it is almost as if they deliver them during the night,LOL.

I highly recommend this company for sequins. I am not affiliated with them in any way. I'm just a very satisfied customer. You must try some of the 3mm fully cupped Iridescent sequins, they are gorgeous and so cute! Perfect for the Inner Child dolls and small creations.

I know you will be quite satisfied with Cartwright's.


  1. Wow what an Aladdin's cave that shop is!

    And the minimum order just about gets through the customs - yippee

  2. Thank you for the tip! When I'm shopping for sequins I'll remember this! ☺

  3. I love Cartwright's!! One can never have too many cupped flower sequins!!

  4. Cartwright is the best source for can't stip at just!

  5. Oh Pat you got me in so much trouble. I went crazy. My order has been shipped and now I will meet the mail lady with baited breath every day!!!! Sharon (Thanks)


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