Sunday, October 11, 2009

Busy and fun weekend

Saturday's CQ class was another success. Wonderful and friendly ladies anxious to delve into fabrics,embellishments and fun. I'm am a little concerned though...the students blocks are looking much nicer than mine! Hmmmmm.

I enjoyed the creative time sharing with these ladies.

Uh oh! Caught  ya Susan!

In each class I have a variety of freebies for students to help themselves and I teased Susan when she was cutting a bit of lace, then we staged this pic which I love. A sample of the fun we have in class just fooling around. No seriousness allowed!
Both seem to be "gatherers themselves, and ready for more crazy quilting! Go for it ladies! I learned from Chris, in the purple sweater, about the last antique show at the LaPorte fair grounds today. Although it was a cold morning, I headed out early.Yes, I did go, are you kidding? I was hoping to see Chris, but there were several buildings and lots of people. I wandered through each building collecting treasures. My first find was this old silk hankie keeper embellished with Mokuba-like ribbon flowers and a circle of fine lace. So delicate.

Then I found some laces ....

 and saw this sweet dog sleeping in a chair.
She was so still and it looked like it was stuffed until I saw it breathe. The owner was happy to let me photograph her however my picture is blurry. :-(
I forgot her name but it was an oldie. She was so gentle and I wanted to bring her home.

After perusing the buildings I ventured out into the cold where about 30 or more booths were set up in the sunshine anxiously awaiting for the day to warm. Brrrrrrr. Braving the cold did pay off because I found a gentleman selling old jars of beads and pearls. Large amounts! Enough to share!!! Oh happy day!

There were beads in one booth and the owner, Abby Meeks, was so nice and we enjoyed a nice conversation on CQ and jewelry.She creates jewelry from vintage beads and findings. She said she would call me because she has some small things for CQ and referred me to a booth next door which belonged to Carol Kouyoumdjlan. Carol was another kind soul who exchanged info with me for when she gathers some items I may be interested in. Here are a few shots of her booth offerings.

 I didn't photograph the beautiful button collections and ephemera, but it was loaded!
I took in a few more booths and trotted off for home to change into painting clothes for the last day of painting!!!! Which happened!!! I am done!!!!
Wooo Hoooo!
DH brought home dinner and I am ready for a bubble bath and then I must get a stitching project ready for tomorrow morning. I will be taking mom for her cataract surgery. She is excited to have a corrective lens replacement and will be able to read fine print the Dr. promised. I told her I couldn't take her beach combing with me anymore if she can see better than I!
I'm outta here! Have a great evening.


  1. What great finds! And good luck to your Mom!

  2. Brilliant treasures you found. Sending best wishes to your lovely Mum

  3. It still gives me goose bumps seeing your dream become a reality so quickly! I'm so excited for you!!!!!


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