Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back to square one........

First I want to thank each of you who emailed and left comments for  positive  test results. That was so sweet and appreciated. However, last evening we received no answers, just more tests ordered. Back to square one!
We learned the previous and  newly ordered  tests have nothing to do with the pain DH is feeling in his shoulders and arms. They ordered physical therapy for that. Crazy huh? DH said he is through with doctor appointments but I am insisting he keep his hematology appointment next week for a biopsy. A few swollen lymph nodes that need to be checked further. We (I) need to put this to rest. This past week has been horrid with my imagination running wild with possible illness. I admit I was relieved there wasn't any positive  findings although DH really does need relief from this pain.

If you are a Dr. or nurse and have any suggestions, please share. We feel like we are just playing pass the buck at this point. No pinched nerves, no bulging vertebrae, no heart damage,no masses, breaks, etc. Can medicine/testing just be a guessing game? When do we say UNCLE?

After this post, I decided not to discuss anything further on the health of DH. My blog is a place for creative and fun ventures , my escape, and it may sound selfish to separate certain life events with my life in general, but trust me, my family comes first and are taken care of first and foremost, and deciding not to blog about roller coaster medical testing is the right choice. I will complain about other things, don't you worry :-)

For now, I will just have to tell you that my baby boy turned 24 yesterday! I felt bad for the  messed up bummed out day  so made up for it by cooking him  his favorite turkey dinner with all the bells and whistles today. Turkey,gravy,stuffing,rolls,cranberry sauce, corn,mashed potatoes,yams,and chocolate ganache cake with a musical candle! The guys are stuffed , the house smells wonderful and the kitchen is clean...time to finish the antique rose and olive clutch......I have another one in mind already. Thank you for the comments on the rose one too. I appreciate your input.

The receptionist at the Neurologist's office yesterday recognized me as the crazy quilt lady and we started talking and she is taking a CQ class with me after Christmas . I should have shown her the clutch I brought to work on but my mind was...well...mushy at the time.! Another creative soul about to discover the crazy quilt world.

I have no pictures today but will leave you with a website with beautiful ribbons and such that you may enjoy. They have ribbons with birds..oh my!  Enjoy!


  1. Oh dear, Pat, I am so sorry that they were not able to give you some definite answers. Those nerve pains can be so difficult to find answers, but I do think that you need to keep at it until they have exhausted all means. With each diagnosis elimination comes some relief, but can be so tiring to be at doctor appointments all the time. There must be some reason for this pain.

    I know that you don't want to continually blog about it, but please try to keep us updated on it. Meanwhile....prayers are sent that you will get to the bottom of it.

  2. Fantastic news that there was not any dire news - so many things ruled out, so that comes as a great relief.

    Once the other blood tests are done, then hopefully they will come back clear and you will feel a whole lot better about things - and hopefully the cause of the pain, and relief of the pain will soon be sorted. It is so hard, as we expect doctors and experts to be able to find the causes and fix things - and when they can't we are at a total loss - but at least so many things have been ruled out.

    It was great that you were all able to have a celebration today - sounds fabulous - and the kitchen is clean too - WOW.

    Sometimes we just feel we have to do some 'negative' blogging to help us get things out of our head, don't we - its often easier to talk things through that way. And then you get to a point when you feel ready to, and strong enough to blog about other things. Which is great too. It is nice to know that so many people send positive vibes and support - and will always be around and continue to do so when needed. As you yourself do. Great that you are going to pick up the needle and thread again - can't wait to see the results.

    God Bless

  3. This past week must have been so stressful. I do hope you get some answers soon. Thinking of you Pat.

  4. Hi Pat,

    I went through a rough time with a friend a long time ago. One thing you definitely need to do is be your own advocate. Talk to several doctors until you get answers that satisfy you. Even doctors in the same hospital/field don't communicate with each other. Keep a composition notebook and write everything down they tell you. And use it to write questions and their answers. I know it's tiring, but keep going till you get answers!

  5. Dear Pat please know you can share anything anytime and we blogger friends are here for you. I understand your desire to keep your blog related to creativity however please do keep us informed. Prayers are still sent your way.

  6. Hang in there Pat. Make sure he gets the blood tests. I know how rough it is not knowing. You just don't know what your dealing with and that's what makes it so hard. Please keep us up to date, we really do care. Sharon

  7. Sending positive thoughts your way. By the way your pieces in the previous posts are beautiful! As always.

  8. Pat, you both are in my thoughts and prayers. I truly enjoy all your creativity but when life is more lemony than cherry, well we want to be able to pray about the issues. Please do keep us informed and he needs to keep his appointment. I had some tests this week and well my concern is still unanswered too. Perhaps it is just the aging process.

  9. If the usual medical tests come up with nothing, then I would strongly suggest a good gentel chiropractor who is into healing. I cant tell you how much I ahve been helped by adjustments and specific massage from a wonderful chiropractor.!! Sometimes the answers are beyond traditional medicine. I am not advocating anything funky but stress put on our bodies form certain activities or fallen arches say or carrying a backpack on the same shoulder for the long period of time, can lead to nerve pain and compression that cannot be seen on xrays but can be relieved and cured by massage and gentle chiropractic adjustments.

    any questions, e-mail me!!

    So sorry that he is going thru this and that you are too!!
    Big Healing hugs!

  10. Hi Pat! I hope everything with your hubby turns out well. Stay positive sweetie! Your son's birthday dinner sounded wonderful. My son turns 25 in a few days as well, on Halloween. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts. Hugs, Paulette ;)

  11. It's not called the practice of medicine for nothing. Go with your intuition, find out the latest results on the biopsy and then if that's enough, that's enough. Acupuncture and chiropracter and other alternative medicines DO help but you have to be a willing participant. Good luck.

  12. Oh Pat, I wish you had the answers. Good,bad or indifferent it's just better to know. I'll continue to keep you and your DH in my prayers. I wish there was more I could do.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings


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