Friday, October 02, 2009

And the party continues..............................

Last night Jilly and Karen had planned to come over to review some stitches and gab, or so I thought........
I worked on Comfort Doll boxes all day and around 5:00 I headed out to the CQ studio to finish a few things for Saturdays class and wait for the girls to arrive. With the heater warming me and soft music making me sleepy, I lost track of time but managed to finish my tasks when Jilly came in. She announced that people were coming over. Well I knew Karen was coming and figured she had invited another stitcher but then she said I'm having a party. I didn't know if she was kidding or what because she was so calm and I said "No I'm not, when?" She said now! She handed me a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses and pushed me out the door to put them in a vase.

As I was cutting stems in the kitchen, Ellen  came in. She brought Angell some homemade treats. She gave me a birthday hug and we went back out to the studio where I found my friends Karen and Becky and a table full of treats. Then Laney walked in. I was in total shock and didn't quite know what to do. I've never had a surprise party before and I must give Jilly credit for pulling this off. Of course I will never trust her again.

Let me tell you a little about my peeps who pulled a fast one on me last night.......

Many of you know Ellen, the queen of thread play! She is such a talent, clever,fun, and a wealth of knowledge.She will listen to your woes and have you laughing and feeling worthy again as you leave with a dyed thread or pretty fabric bit tucked in your pocket skipping merrily home.

Laney is comedy in motion, pretends to be hard-*## (excuse my French) but is too cute to take serious. She is a very caring pal you can spill your heart to and feel ok about it. The kind of friend you jump in the car with and just go with the flow knowing you are in for an adventure! Let's say...Thelma & Louise. She keeps me laughing.

Karen, when you first meet her you think she is so prim and proper, serious and, keep the brainy part and toss the rest because they are a disguise. Karen is a Diva, a funny, no, HILARIOUS gal who surprises me every time. She is a perfectionist I think but she may deny it. She can be so mature and all knowing..(in a good respectful way), then do or say the funniest thing. She is the life of a party.I can just imagine knowing her in high school...oh my the trouble I would have been in! :-)

Becky...I've known Becky for a year now and what a treasure she is. Soft spoken, sweet, and such a caring person. She is the only other person besides myself who enjoys wearing pink..soft pastel pink. That is neat I think. I can imagine sitting and creating with Becky and having tea and interesting conversation. I look forward to many creative play dates with her.

Jilly.....well, now as you know, I have learned she is sneaky. Jilly has a gift of seeing ones soul. She is a deep thinker but is all about having fun. She cares and lets you know it. She is intrepid, and although she knows I'm not, she gently nudges me from my safe corner showing me everything is fine in the big world and good friends are there to comfort when needed. Laughs are never a shortage with Jilly.

Look at these expressions on Laney and Karen...what are they up to? Nothing innocent I'm sure of that! Ooops! Jilly wasn't supposed to be in the picture...sorry Jilly! (love ya)

I love this picture of Laney  who appears to be staring at the strawberry whip cream cake anticipating a taste, or is she contemplating dipping into the whip cream with her pinky?

I can't express how great it was to have my friends together laughing, sharing stories and having a good time. I am amazed Jilly found a way to contact those she didn't even know or meet before. I'm still a bit in shock wondering if it really happened or if it was just one of those very realistic dreams. Although I'm sure I will know the answer when I get on the scale...the cake, crab dip, taco dip......oh my!

Let me leave you with this beautiful poem from a gift of vintage sheet music from Becky. It sums up my day very well.I will post more pics when I catch my breath...........Thank you Jilly,Laney,Ellen,Becky,Karen,and all my friends out there who made this the most memorable and perfect birthday.

When you come to the end of a Perfect Day
And you sit alone with your thought
While the chimes ring out with a carol gay
For the joy that the day has brought.
Do you think what the end of a Perfect Day
Can mean to a tired heart
When the sun goes down with a flaming ray
And the dear friends have to part?
                     Carrie Jacobs-Bond


  1. How lovely! Turning 50 will be a sweet time for you to remember. Buddhists say the colour pink(soft) is the colour of Compassion.A good colour I reckon.(although if I wear pink I bcome "invisible"!!).I like to have pink roses in the house, and garden.

  2. How wonderful to have dear friends. What a lovely surprise. Happy 50th Pat.

  3. Oh how wonderful - wish I had been a fly on the wall with you all.

    To feel Queen for a day must be amazing - I am so glad that you have such wonderful friends around you

    Good luck today with your workshop - I am absolutely POSITIVE it will go really well and before you know it word will spread and you will be so busy your feet won't touch the ground!

  4. What a grand way to celebrate! You are such a kind and generous soul, it makes me smile to know you are surrounded by the love of sweet friends.

  5. What a sweet post Pat! I loved what you wrote about each of your lovely friends! Happy Birthday again, and many, many more! Hugs, Paulette ;)

  6. Pat, Your party sounds wonderful!! Friends are such a treasure! Glad you had a nice surprise!

  7. Happy Birthday Pat! What a wonderful time! I'm not sure when your birthday is exactly, but it looks like you're having a fabulous one!


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