Monday, October 12, 2009

All is well

Mom's eye surgery went well this morning. Because she had to fast the night before, she was starving so we went to Panera bread for brocolli cheese soup and crusty french bread. Yum! Perfect on a cold day.
It was a pretty fast trip and I had time to mow the lawn when I got home. I just finished actually. I'm a bit frozen so I will be running a hot bath in a few minutes.

As I was reading my email I found a delightful note from a woman in France who found my site and fell in love with crazy quilting. Her name is Francoise and her CQ attempt is gorgeous as you can see below. I had her email translated and it made me smile. She has now been bitten by the CQ bug I'm afraid.

If you are reading this Francoise, your work is wonderful and I hope you continue to create many more treasures because you certainly have the CQ touch!


  1. Thrilled to bits your mom's op went well - and had a nice lunch to celebrate - love Francoise's bag - can't wait to get going myself.

    Thanks for sharing her photo

  2. Glad to hear your mom's surgery is behind her and all is well.

  3. Sounds like a blessed day indeed.
    Francoise's CQ bag is beautiful!

  4. You're reaching around the world-how exciting. Glad to hear your moms ok. My dads having surgery tomorrow-man stuff-I worry cause he's 84 but he's tuff. Wonderful to see pictures of your classes-how much fun everyone seems to be having. Hugs Leslie

  5. Well she picked the right blog to go to and she sure is a Crazy Quilter by heart. What a lovely piece. Its fantastic, You deserve Kudo's for helping a CQer at heart blossom:)

    Ann Flowers

  6. So glad your Moms okay. That purse is beautiful! Have a great week!

  7. I 'm so happy your Mom is doing well!!!Beautiful purse!!!

  8. Hi Pat,
    So happy to hear your Mom did well with the cataract surgery.
    I had mine done a few months ago and couldn't believe I could see so well immediately.
    The lady from France sure does have the CQ touch. The purse is gorgeous..

  9. So glad your mother is over her surgery and all is fine. So happy your classes are working out happily and the purse that Francoise made is lovely. I sure think she has caught the bug. But it sure is a good bug to catch.
    Hope you have a wonderful tomorrow!
    Hug, Pat

  10. Pat your work is just so amazing it inspires us all! Pretty soon the whole world will be crazy quilting! :D


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